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Black Milk Announces 30-City US Tour


Black Milk is touring 30 cities in the United States with his Nat Turner band in support of his new album FEVER. The tour starts on the West Coast in June and they will move through the east before their nationwide quest ends with two last dates at El Club in his Detroit hometown. Black Milk has curated a Fever Tour playlist on Spotify and there are songs from the album and other artists including Kali Uchis, Parliament, Steve Lacy, KAYTRANADA and more.  Tickets are on sale for the tour. Stream the Fever Tour playlist below. 


Black Milk Launches FEVER Tour

Black Milk is launching his FEVER tour in Europe next month with his band Nat Turner. The tour will go through Europe and the United States for a total of 24 dates. The first show will take place in Milan and the journey will conclude in Las Vegas at the end of June. FEVER is the title of Black Milk’s critically acclaimed sixth album and he addresses racism, the problem with social media amongst other problems in the world. Tickets for the tour are on sale and there is a FEVER Tour playlist you can stream below. 


Black Milk: Laugh Now Cry Later Official Video & Fever Album Stream

Black Milk’s Fever is out now and the first video for the song “Laugh Now Cry Later.” He co-directed the clip which challenges the excessive use of social media. The couple in the video has been reduced to a catatonic state because their faces are glued to their phone screens. They sit next to each other but cannot interact because they have their phones in hand. Black Milk appears as zombie pizza delivery man and the whole thing ends with a warning about the president.

Stream Fever Below:


Black Milk Questions Society On True Lies Single

Black Milk takes society to task in “True Lies” from his forthcoming album Fever. He questions the school system over a track that is equal parts funk, rock and hip-hop. Black Milk said in a press release about “True Lies”:

“I talk about how traditions and institutions are used to keep people from questioning the world around them and from demanding more for themselves. When I made the track, I envisioned a world full of zombies being told what to believe. Only a few come to realize most of what they’ve been taught about and within the institutions, like church, school, and government, around them are lies to impede both personal and collective progress.”

Fever will be released via Computer Ugly and Mass Appeal February 23rd.


Black Milk’s Laugh Now Cry Later First Single From FEVER

Black Milk announced his new album FEVER two days ago and now he is sharing the first single “Laugh Now, Cry Later.” He says the song is about the conflicting emotions people have when they engage with social media:

“One moment you can be super angry about something and a couple of minutes later you’ll see a meme about that very same issue or some other random event that will make you laugh. We’re taking in high volumes of content and experiencing an array of emotions, often times conflicting emotions, all day and night on this social media rollercoaster.”

FEVER is a multi-genre album with appearances from star musicians Chris Dave and Daru Jones. And as far as the album’s concept Black Milk said in a press release:

“Everybody’s temperature is up right now. The whole world is on edge. This album is my take on the issues I see as the cause for the high temp, and how I’m maneuvering through it.”

FEVER will be released February 23rd on Computer Ugly and Mass Appeal Records.