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Black Folk Don’t Web Series Is Back For Season Four


The fourth and last season of the web series Black Folk Don’t is airing and can be seen on the National Black Programming Consortium’s official website BlackPublicMedia.org. The show created by Angela Tucker explores Black stereotypes and picks them apart for cultural accuracy. Season four has already questioned the notions of whether or not Black people vote Republican, listen to Classical music, buy homes or know their history. Watch the episode on Black people voting Republican below.


Black Folk Don’t: Go Green

Angela Tucker’s “Black Folk Don’t” has returned and today’s episode is about whether or not Black people care about their carbon footprint. Norwood Fisher, founder of Fishbone, talks about his previous notion that Black people don’t ride snowboards.


Black Folk Don’t Returns For Season 3 On December 2nd

Angela Tucker’s web series, “Black Folk Don’t,” about African-American stereotypes returns for season three based on the West Coast with new types to dismantle. In between anecdotal interviews with everyday people there are appearances from Fishbone founder and bass player Norwood Fisher and film maker Ava DuVernay as they discuss Black people and the NRA, plastic surgery, going green, horror films and feminism.


Black Folk Don’t: An Interview With Series Creator Angela Tucker

“People are hungry for media that is more challenging and that will allow people to think about their harder issues”

Angela Tucker is the director and producer of the web series Black Folk Don’t. The show is an entertaining dissection of so-called Black customs by everyday people and cultural critics like Toure’ and Melissa Harris-Perry. Tucker delves into identity frequently in her work including the recent documentary, Asexual, about people who experience attraction to no one. Black Folk Don’t is in its second season of sorting out various aspects of what is and is not natural about Black culture. A fusion of humor and insight takes apart certain assumptions and exposes their social origins, which are always co-anchored in racism. The series will run through the summer and the timing of it is especially favorable since the Obamas have become a magnet for racist typing.

Did Marlon Riggs’ Ethnic Notions inspire the creation of Black Folk Don’t? If not, what did?

I’m familiar with that work but no. I do a lot of projects that are about identity politics and I’ve been influenced by different things over the years. But when Black Public Media did a call for web series and they were looking for a documentary web series. I wanted to come up with something that was sort of provocative and literally the idea just popped into my head. I wanted an open-ended idea with a question people could answer, something every week that people would come back to see what the topics would be. I also think that I’m someone who is Black and has sort of spent their lives doing things that Black people quote unquote don’t typicably do it’s something I’ve heard and I thought it was an interesting idea. I sent an email out to a bunch of friends and they all came up with the written responses.It was one of those crazy email chains some people said ‘This idea is crazy’ and some people said ‘These are things Black folk don’t do.’ And I just knew from that there was something there.


Black Folk Don’t Season 2 Premiered Today

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The first episode of season two of the satirical web series Black Folk Don’t debuted today. “Black Folk Don’t Swim” is a funny examination of the idea that African-Americans are “naturally opposed” to dipping in waters. The episode takes place in New Orleans and MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and cultural critic Toure are interviewed among some of the city’s Black residents. Black Folk Don’t is the creation of Angela Tucker and the show started last year. Season 1 and Season 2 can be viewed at the Black Folk Don’t site as well as BlackPublicMedia.org, Vimeo, BlipTV and PBS.org.