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Binary Star: Astrolalology Official Video

Binary Star’s new album LIGHTY is a two-part release along with EARS APART. The double album project adds to their already lengthy body of work and they last heard from on the 2017 Water World 3. One Be Lo stars in the video for “Astrolalology” which is a quick low-key clip of him reciting all his verses on the street and inside a parking structure. 


Binary Star Releasing Double Album Share Video For The Last Supper Nova

Binary Star is releasing an Egyptian-inspired double album LightY Ears Apart. The album is based on their original concept of two stars in orbit with each other. The video for “The Last Supper Nova” has One Be Lo hanging out in front of church holding a bible questioning the text. The scenes are interrupted by quick shots of an illustration of J.Dilla Ice Cube’s Lethal Injection album cover. LightY Ears Apart will be released in 2018.


Binary Star Release New Single Subterraneous From Waterworld 3

Binary Star’s One Be Lo and Decompoze are joined by T Calmese, RoSpit and Malaki on “Subterraneous” from Waterworld 3. Decompoze produced “Subterraneous” and he shaped the sound of the album with OneManArmy. Binary Star describes Waterworld 3 as an album for the people who have been smushed between wars and capitalist exploitation among other things. Waterworld 3 comes out Friday.


Binary Star-Supreme Alphabet


Binary Star released their new single, “Supreme Alphabet” today in anticipation of the WE Binary Star album coming  out in the future. One Be Lo refers to the alphabet as learning the ABC’s which in this case, means the concerns of All Black Children. One of the issues at hand is the urban violence directed at young Black men by the police and he references the Mike Brown incident. WE Binary Star will be the first album from One Be Lo and producer One Man Army since 2000’s Masters Of The Universe.


Binary Star Releases A New Version Of Slang Blayed Featuring One Be Lo


Binary Star first released “Slang Blayed” in 1998 with Senim Silla rapping and production by Decompoze. They have redone the song for 2016, and this time, the tale about having deadly microphone skills is handled by One Be Lo and produced by OneManArmy.