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Watch: Black Thought Perform Rest In Power From Trayvon Martin Docuseries

Black Thought performs “Rest In Power” the title track from Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story coming to the Paramount Network on July 30th. The docuseries looks at Martin’s life, the events leading to his murder by George Zimmerman and the rise of Black Lives Matter. Jay-Z and Martin’s parents are among the executive producers of the six-part series. Black Thought’s lyrics remind listeners of the parallels between Trayvon Martin’s killing and Emmett Till’s death. 



Johnny Burgos Takes Advantage Of The Night In Video For Picture Perfect

Brookyln crooner Johnny Burgos uses night time as the backdrop to his “Picture Perfect” video. He dances in the street and scenes of a parking structure, school bus and bodega fly by as he moves. Burgos explained the idea behind “Picture Perfect”: 

“Picture perfect is about me coming to the realization that ‘real love’ is flawed, and despite what pop culture and society tells us, it’s supposed to be. It’s about acknowledging how dope it is to be 100% down for someone, through the depths of life’s lows and most complicated times, simply because what you feel for that person, makes them worth the sacrifices. To me, that feeling is love.

Burgos’ debut EP, Through It All will come out via Roc Nation this summer. 


NUEX Releases Video For Eyes

NUEX has collaborated with director Abraham Vilchez-Moran on their intense video for “Eyes.” A young Black boy and his anguish at home is the center of the narrative. A Black man dances around the young boy and appears to be his consciousness or possibly a guide who sees and feels his torment. NUEX has managed to create another bewitching visual to match the blistering emotion in their music. The duo just released their debut Affectus EP. 


Lenny Kravitz Releases New Video For Low

Lenny Kravitz already released an earlier video for his song “Low” that featured old film of New York City during the ’70s. The new video for “Low” features him playing drums in the dark with a woman who is also behind her own drum kit. Kravitz explained to Rolling Stone how director Jean-Baptiste Mondino came up with the video: 

When [Mondino] heard ‘Low’ for the first time he focused on the beat and kept listening to it over and over. The result was a black room, black drum set, and black clothing. It was all about the groove and the space. It turned into an interesting way to present a song, that has so much production, and portray the conversation taking place in the song.”

Kravitz’s Raise Vibration album will come out September 7th. He is currently touring Europe and will start a North America tour in September. 


Ibeyi Release Visual For Transmission/Michaelion Feat. Meshell Ndegeocello

Ibeyi’s “Transmission/Michaelion” featuring Meshell Ndegeocello video is dedicated to the narrative about a sacred tree. The sisters fade in and out of the frame and they are superimposed on each other as the screen changes color and text. The treatment is minimal but effective in telling their spiritual story. Ash is Ibeyi’s sophomore album and they are on tour until the end of the year.