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New Technics 1200 Turntable

Technics unveiled their new SL-1200 MK7 turntable in Las Vegas Monday at CES. The new model comes eight years after the last update in the form of the MK6. Technics’ parent company Panasonic described the MK7 as having a lighter motor and a microcomputer for better motor control from their Blu-Ray technology. The stylus has been improved to provide increased visibility of the tip. The DJ-intended turntable also has a LED light that can be changed from red to blue. The MK7 boasts reverse playback among its other features but Panasonic did not list a price for the turntable in its press release


Roland Releases New Compact Version Of The TR-808 Drum Machine

Roland has released a compact version of its legendary TR-808 drum machine simply called the TR-08. The newer machine has all the same sounds as the old one with the addition of a built-in speaker and an option for substeps which allows more detail into programming the beat. The TR-08 is part of Roland’s Boutique line of instruments that are modeled on their classic machines but modernized for the contemporary producer. Watch The Egyptian Lover, Jimmy Jam, Jazzy Jeff, Marley Marl, Juan Atkins, Shy Boogs and Principleasure talk about the TR-08.


Media Questions Of The Week


Is the Destiny’s Child Instagram account an indication of a future reunion?


How can David Crosby be critical of Kanye West and Tupac but immediately accept Macklemore’s work?


How will Apple’s elimination of USB drives in favor of Thunderbolt UBB-C ports on the new Macbook Pros affect professional creatives around the world?



Pandora Partners With Questlove Introduces Questlove Supreme


Pandora has partnered with Questlove to present Questlove Supreme, a three-hour weekly show looking at music globally, interviews and conversations. Questlove will work as a Strategic Advisor and Artist Ambassador for Pandora to offer advice and support for artist initiatives and music products. Questlove Supreme premieres on Questlove’s new Pandora station on September 7 at 1 PM EST and will replay for 48 hours each week. Featured guests include Saturday Night Live alum Maya Rudolph, GRAMMY-nominated producer and engineer Bob Power and Grammy winner Kimbra. The music featured each week will reflect the conversation topics. Check out Questlove’s new Pandora mixtape here.


Q-Tip Sonos TV Commercial

Q-Tip’s  TV commercial for Sonos  features him and a neighborhood kid  comparing their music collections and Tip has vinyl while his young friend shows off his digital tunes on his phone. But it all comes together with the Sonos speaker system and app that allows them to control the sound wherever it streams.