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The 1865 Emerge With Debut Single Buckshot

The 1865 is a blues-punk new band formed in 2017 by veteran journalist Sacha Jenkins who was one-half of The White Mandingos with Murs. Professional skateboarder and musician Chuck Treece, Shoegaze singer Carolyn “Honeychild” Coleman, bassist Flora Luccini and  Jason “Biz” Lucas drummer for Dragonz Of Zynth joined Jenkins to complete The 1865. The band’s name is an obvious ode to the year the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery was instituted and the Reconstruction era after the Civil War. Their upcoming album, Don’t Tread On Me, which is a reference to the 1775 flag named after General Christopher Gadsen, has songs that talk about life in America during 1865. “Buckshot” is the first single from Don’t Tread On Me and it is about the perspective of an escaped slave. Jenkins explained in a press release that The 1865 “Was a great way to create contemporary music that spoke to the past, but also spoke to the same things that continue to happen over and over again in our country.” Don’t Tread On Me can be picked up after January 25th. 



Post Office Named In Honor Of Jimi Hendrix

A post office in the Seattle area has been named in honor of Jimi Hendrix. Legislators signed a bill two weeks ago to rename the Renton Highland Post Office the James Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix Post Office. Hendrix grew up in Seattle and was a touring guitarist before he embarked on a tremendous four-year solo career in the ’60s. He managed to change the scope of possibilities with the guitar and made a big impact on popular culture before dying at age 27 in 1970. Rep. Adam Smith, D-Bellevue sponsored the bill and made a statement.

“I am honored to join in paying tribute to rock and roll icon and Seattle native Jimi Hendrix with the renaming of the Renton Highlands Post Office as the James Marshall ‘Jimi’ Hendrix Post Office Building. This designation will further celebrate Hendrix’s deep connection to the Puget Sound region and help ensure that his creative legacy will be remembered by our community and inspire future generations.”

The post office is not far from Hendrix’s memorial in the Greenwood Cemetary where he is buried. Last year, Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland album was reissued as the 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition. The estate and Legacy Recordings also released Both Sides Of The Sky in 2018. 


Sly And The Family Stone Documentary Coming In 2019

A documentary about Sly And The Family Stone is coming out in 2019. Dance To The Streaming Music is a 10 year in the making film about Stone’s impact on music and his relationship with the Music Modernization Act. Sly And The Family Stone were the first co-ed, multiracial band to succeed in the mainstream with their unique sound of funk and soul. Independent film director Brady Spensor was able to develop a rapport with Stone through his son Sly Jr. who he knew from other previous projects. Spensor was able to chronicle Stone’s financial problems at the time. Stone won a lawsuit in 2015 against his former manager, an attorney and a production company for $5 million dollars in royalties but a judge ruled later that year he would not be able to collect the money because he signed his royalties over to the company for an ownership stake. The singer was living in a van and desperately needed the money to live. The recently passed Music Modernization Act has changed his financial situation by paying him streaming royalties hence the title of the documentary. 

Sly And The Family Stone dissolved in 1975 and Stone released four solo albums. His well-known issues with drugs stopped him from reviving his career but he has sporadically performed through the years by collaborating with Jesse Johnson and George Clinton and appearing with The Family Stone. 


Throwback: Billy Idol-Eyes Without A Face

Billy Idol’s “Eyes Without A Face” was the lone ballad on his 1983 rock opus Rebel Yell. Idol’s haunting delivery of lyrics about heartbreak and the emotional climax with Steve Stevens’ in-your-face guitar solo created an indelible moment in ’80s pop. The song made reference to the 1960 horror film Les yeux sans visage (Eyes Without A Face) from French director Georges Franju. The video was just as unforgettable with Idol singing in the dark, moving spastically in smoke and later being surrounded by fire in a pit. Director David Mallet’s work for “Eyes Without A Face” received two MTV Video Award nominations for Best Editing and Best Cinematography. Billy Idol was the first wave of artists to make MTV relevant and his videos were continuously played on the network. The English singer released his eighth album, Kings & Queens Of The Underground in 2014. He officially became an American citizen on November 14, 2018. 


Throwback: The Jimi Hendrix Experience-Foxy Lady

The Jimi Hendrix Experience came from Jimi Hendrix’s years of being a supporting and session musician for others including The Isley Brothers, Little Richard, Sam Cooke and Ike and Tina Turner. Chas Chandler, who managed English rock group The Animals, took Hendrix to England to start a solo career. Hendrix, Noel Redding (bass) and Mitch Mitchell (drums) became The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Are You Experienced? was their 1967 debut album. “Foxy Lady” was rumored to be inspired by Hendrix’s Harlem girlfriend Lithofayne “Faye” Pridgon and it was all about Hendrix aggressively approaching women walking down the street although he was actually shy in his daily life. Hendrix’s sultry guitar riffs and bold vocals jolted rock audiences into full attention on the new rock trio. “Foxy Lady” fully represented Hendrix’s style that drew from R&B, blues and jazz with his individual psychedelic imprint. Are You Experienced? opened up new possibilities in music for the way Hendrix and his band finessed the blues into transcendental euphoria. The Hendrix-penned “Foxy Lady” was amongst his signature songs that became synonymous with the ’60s and one of rock’s lasting creations beyond its original time.