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Prophets Of Rage Drop Video For Hands Up

Prophets Of Rage have a video for “Hands Up” and it is a compilation of black and white tour footage. The clips of their shows move fast with the urgency of their message about being fed up with the state of the world. The idea that music with a message does not sell is destroyed by the camera’s pans of the huge crowds at their shows. Prophets Of Rage self-titled album is out now.


Gary Clark Jr. Covers Come Together For Justice League Soundtrack

Gary Clark Jr. covers The Beatles’ “Come Together” for The Justice League soundtrack. Clark worked with producer Junkie XL on the remake and together they turn the song into an apocalyptic-sounding anthem. Clark is working on his next album to follow-up 2015’s The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim.


Watch Living Colour Perform On Late Night With Seth Meyers

Living Colour just released their sixth studio album Shade. They made an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers and performed “Come On.” It is their first full-length album in eight years. Last year they released a cover of Biggie Smalls’ “Who Shot Ya” with a host of remixes. Reid states on the band’s website that,

“Shade is the sound of a band coming to terms with its shadows and light, From the blue pulpit of Robert Johnson to the mean red streets of Brooklyn to the golden lure of Hollywood, Shade is the next chapter of a unique American journey.”

Living Colour is currently on a tour of the United States.



R.I.P. Fats Domino

Rock and Roll pioneer Fats Domino died at his home in Harvey, Louisiana yesterday at age 89 of natural causes. Domino was one of the biggest stars of the ’50s and ’60s with only Elvis Presley as a rival in terms of record sales. Domino’s boogie-woogie influenced R&B took over the national airwaves with songs like “The Fat Man”  “Blueberry Hill ” and “Ain’t That A Shame.” The singer’s warm smile and demeanor made it easy for Black and white people to connect with his music during segregation. His concerts are one of the things cited for building integration before the end of Jim Crow laws. Domino’s music was one of the centers to pave the way for rock and white artists like Pat Boone and John Lennon studied his style and covered his songs. In 1986, he was one of the first artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. He has received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and in 2016 he was inducted into the Rhythm & Blues Hall Of Fame. There was a rumor that he had passed in 2005 when he was not heard from during Hurricane Katrina but a national news report showed him being rescued from his flooded home. He made his last stage appearance in 2007 at Tipitina’s in his native New Orleans. Last year PBS aired Joe Lauro’s 2016 documentary American Masters: Fats Domino and the Birth Of Rock and Roll. Watch below:


Prophets Of Rage Survey Social Change In Video For Strength In Numbers

Prophets Of Rage give instructions to cause social change with a bunch of clips from the past to the present in the video for “Strength In Numbers.” The idea that any sizeable group banded together can bring about change including animals and slave uprisings is expressed with a montage. The band just released their first album and they are on a tour of the United States.