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Prophets Of Rage: Hail To The Chief (Official Video)

Prophets Of Rage criticize the White House with a cartoon video for “Hail To The Chief” interspersed with footage of the band. Their self-titled album just came out and they are on tour now.


Watch Angelo Moore Go Through Each Song Of Fishbone’s Truth and Soul

Twenty-nine years ago this month Fishbone released Truth and Soul. At the time they were budding punk funk ska band resistant to stereotypes about Black bands that shaped record company’s marketing plans for Black music. Truth and Soul went against the usual expectations of a Black band because Fishbone shamelessly plays multi genres with a mostly punk base. The album is influenced by everyone from Iggy Pop to Curtis Mayfield. Today Fishbone is still against being pigeon-holed and have achieved the status of respected OG Afropunk founders. Frontman and saxophonist Angelo Moore spoke with Riot Fest on the origins of Truth and Soul. Fishbone is on the road right now and Moore has also been making music with The Brand New Step.


Steve Lacy Channels His Inner Prince On 4Real

Steve Lacy’s “4Real” sounds like early Prince and within two minutes he creates a pop/rock/funk frenzy complete with an edgy falsetto. Lacy’s Demo EP was released earlier this year.


Prophets Of Rage Perform Living On 110 On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Prophets Of Rage performed “Living On 110” Monday night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The song deals with homelessness and the 110 reference is about a Los Angeles highway underpass where many people with nowhere to go live. Their self-titled debut album comes out this Friday.


Prophets Of Rage Share Single Radical Eyes From Upcoming Album

Prophets Of Rage challenge singular viewpoints of the world on their single “Radical Eyes.” According to group member Chuck D.,

“The Western world has created biased structures and stereotypes, opposing viewpoints and movements are seen as radical rather than diversity. ‘Radical Eyes’ is the lens everything is viewed through, any life movement in opposition is considered radicalized.”

The hip-hop and rock supergroup consisting of members from Public Enemy, Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave and B-Real of Cypress Hill are releasing their self-titled album on September 15th. They will start their tour in support of the album on September 7th in Boston.