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Johnny Popcorn Preparing To Release Totem 2.0 & Video For Cold World

Johnny Popcorn’s Totem 2.0 is the answer to Totem Pole that was released last year. The Totem 2.0 EP comes out officially on January 1st and can be streamed now. The video for “Cold World” is an eye-catching colorful visualizer.


Jay-Z: Bam Featuring Damian Marley Official Video

Jay-Z and Damian Marley walk around Jamaica and talk about the role of the artist in the video for “Bam.” They are joined by Sister Nancy, the writer and performer of “Bam Bam” and she shares her belief in the timelessness of good music. Young Guru sits in the studio with Jay-Z and makes the connection between reggae and hip-hop.


Damian Marley Celebrates Community In Video For R.O.A.R.

Damian Marley has another video for his upcoming Stony Hill album. “R.O.A.R.” is about taking charge of your community and the video shows his neighborhood functioning peacefully without crime. Lyrically speaking Marley challenges the listener to defend their communities at all costs from strife.


Media Questions Of The Week

What is Jay-Z recording with Damian Marley?

Did Gucci steal Dapper Dan’s designs years after they ignored and shunned him and his market?

Is XXL’s 2017 Freshman Class out of touch?

Why did Steve Harvey tell someone from Flint, Michigan to “have a nice glass of brown water” because the caller is not a Cleveland Cavaliers fan?

Will the inclusion of a Grammy’s rap committee truly equalize the voting process for rap music?


Damian Jr. Gong Marley: Medication Feat. Stephen Marley Official Video

Damian and Stephen Marley’s “Medication” is about the healing power of marijuana. The family already has their own strains of weed for sale and Damian just became part owner of High Times magazine as well as owning the pot farm in the video. “Medication” is from his forthcoming Stony Hill album and he also just confirmed with Billboard that he has worked on music for Jay-Z.