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NASIR: The Film

Mass Appeal premiered NASIR: The Film today as a companion piece to Nas’s album of the same name. The seven songs are pulled together into a 16-minute film. Nas appears throughout the piece that has scenes of young Black men in the neighborhood living life with their families and friends and dealing with the police. Slick Rick has a quick cameo for his sampled part on “Cops Shot The Kid” that begins with a Richard Pryor monologue. 


Ice Cube: Arrest The President (Audio)

Ice Cube gives his opinion about contemporary politics on the single “Arrest The President.” The rap legend has never feared any potential repercussions of his thoughts on any topic. He makes it clear when he raps “You got the evidence, that N**** is Russian Intelligence” that he believes the 45th president is a criminal in a line that would anger Republicans. The lyrics for “Arrest The President” are begging for a visual before the December 7th release date for Everythang’s Corrupt.  


Rapsody: Pay Up (Official Video)

Rapsody has fun looking at the financial politics of relationships in her video for “Pay Up.” She plays the role of an observer watching a couple have disagreements about money. Rapsody will be on tour this summer supporting her Grammy-nominated album Laila’s Wisdom



Media Questions Of The Week


Will the feminist group  Ultraviolet get their wish and have Nelly, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chris Brown, Steven Tyler, Ted Nugent, Don Henley, Tekashi6ix9ine and Eminem removed from Spotify’s playlists? 

Did Meek Mill miss out on a good opportunity by canceling his meeting with President Trump for a prison reform summit at the White House? 


Magestik Legend Shares Detroit Mental

Magestik Legend shares his next single “DetroitMental”  from his All This Time album coming out Friday. He raps about being an independent artist from Detroit and not using big-name artists to bring attention to his music. But it is also a tribute to the city because since he relocated to California he thinks a great deal about his hometown. He says, 

With all the ups, downs, memories and new beginnings, sometimes I feel like my city and I are living the same life. Detroit is my city. I call it ‘my Detroit’ because my personal experiences in this beautiful city shape my perspective of it. I’ve always shied away from making a typical ‘Detroit song,’ partly because it’s become such a soulless trend where I’m from. But since I moved to California a couple years ago, I’ve really missed my city. Though the landscape seems to change every time I leave, it will always be my Detroit. My Detroit is constantly on my mind, especially when I’m away.”

Listen to “DetroitMental” and All This Time is available for pre-order