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Johnny Burgos Takes Advantage Of The Night In Video For Picture Perfect

Brookyln crooner Johnny Burgos uses night time as the backdrop to his “Picture Perfect” video. He dances in the street and scenes of a parking structure, school bus and bodega fly by as he moves. Burgos explained the idea behind “Picture Perfect”: 

“Picture perfect is about me coming to the realization that ‘real love’ is flawed, and despite what pop culture and society tells us, it’s supposed to be. It’s about acknowledging how dope it is to be 100% down for someone, through the depths of life’s lows and most complicated times, simply because what you feel for that person, makes them worth the sacrifices. To me, that feeling is love.

Burgos’ debut EP, Through It All will come out via Roc Nation this summer. 


Listen: Tunde Olaniran’s New Single I’m Here

Tunde Olaniran surprises with his new single “I’m Here.” Olaniran’s soul, pop and dance sensibilities combine to make a scorching tune perfect for summer playlists and ready for all kinds of remixes. The Michigan artist released the sensitive Prince-inspired “Vulnerable” back in April.  “I’m Here” is a straightforward announcement to remind fans of his continued creativity with his usual affinity for a captivating song. 


Janet Jackson Acknowledges Late Father Joe Jackson During Essence Music Festival Show

Janet Jackson headlined the Essence Festival in New Orleans this past weekend. She took time out from the show for a few moments to honor her father Joe Jackson for his impact on her and her siblings. The family patriarch died June 27th at age 89 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Jackson told the audience that she initially thought about canceling the Essence show and the entire tour.  She explained how her father would have wanted her to finish whatever she started. Jackson also reminded the audience of how none of them would have been successful had their father not heroically gotten them out of Gary, Indiana. 


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Throwback: Suzanne Vega-Tom’s Diner

Suzanne Vega wrote “Tom’s Diner” in 1981 after reading about the death of actor William Holden while sitting in Tom’s Restaurant in New York City. She wrote the song with only the voice and piano in mind and the original album version was acapella. Producers DNA remixed “Tom’s Diner”  in 1990 with the beat of Soul II Soul’s “Keep On Movin'” and made it a timeless club classic.  “Tom’s Diner” also became the first MP3 after Karlheinz Brandenburg used it to develop the technology. Solitude Standing is Vega’s biggest record because of “Tom’s Diner” and her international pop hit “Luka.” She was shrewd to allow DNA to release their remix on her label because it was a bootlegged record. DNA’s work became an influence that found Vega releasing more music with electronic beats. Vega released her ninth studio album, Lover, Beloved: Songs From An Evening With Carson McCullers