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People Museum Presents Their Bible Belt Single

People Museum open up about religion on their current single “Bible Belt.” The New Orleans duo call out the contradictions in their Baptist Church upbringing in a cavalier tone. Claire Glvens and Jeremy Phipps work out the dilemma with imposing brass horns and psychedelic synths. “Bible Belt” is the fourth single from their forthcoming I Dreamt Of You In Technicolor debut album. 


Watch: Trailer For Netflix Documentary Quincy

Quincy Jones’ six-decade career and life is the subject of the Netflix documentary Quincy. Jones’ career is unparalleled from his early days as a bandleader of one the world’s greatest jazz bands to his entry into pop culture as the producer of Michael Jackson’s biggest albums. The former trumpet player has produced, written and arranged for the most prominent artists across the genres and crafted numerous soundtracks and television theme songs. His daughter Rashida Jones and Alan Hicks co-directed the film. Quincy was screened at The Toronto Film Festival this past Sunday and will be available on Netflix September 21st. 


Belau: Breath Feat. Sophie Lindinger Official Video

Peter Kedve and Buzas Kristian are Hungarian electronic duo Belau. In the two years since their released their debut album, The Odyssey, they have built an international following. They were recognized in their home country with the Fonogram Hungarian Music Award for Best Electronic Music Album which is their equivalent to The Grammys. Their relaxed sound has been called sundowntempo and chillwave. “Breath” is Belau’s new single and video featuring Sophie Lindinger who stars in the video as a train traveler. The duo is currently working on their sophomore album that is slated for release in the spring of 2019. 



MASUMI Debuts Video For Run Baby, Run

MASUMI makes her introduction as a new artist with the video for her single “Run Baby, Run.” The singer-songwriter survived the 2011 Tohoku earthquake in her native Japan and that experience influenced her to pursue a career in music. She soon moved to Los Angeles and started working on her dream with a variety of behind the scenes veterans.  “Run Baby, Run” is about another life-changing moment as she explains,

“In 2016, I received a life-changing offer to be managed by a prestigious management team in Tokyo, Japan. I decided to walk away from this career-defining moment and chose to remain in the states to explore possibilities that were more aligned with the artist I wanted to grow into. But that brought a long depression and self-doubt. I was confused if I made the right choice. A stranger popped in my life during that time and left me a message to “live with urgency” because “time is running out”.  It was my 2nd awakening since the earthquake.”

The video for “Run Baby, Run” was directed by Loic Zimmerman and uses an Astronaut to represent the person that gave MASUMI motivation. According to her, the storyline is ultimately about surviving discord and moving forward with life. 


Media Questions Of The Week

Was Ariana Grande’s dress inappropriate for Aretha Franklin’s funeral?

Did Reverend Jasper Williams Jr. attack Black people with conservatism and respectability politics in his eulogy for Aretha Franklin? 

Has Eminem returned completely to form with his with Kamikaze album that was a surprise release?