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Media Questions Of The Week

Why didn’t President Trump or any of his family members respond to Eminem’s BET Cypher that was full of harsh criticism against him?

Will Diddy start his own football league?


Will The Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal eradicate sexism and predatory sexual behavior in the entertainment industry?


Sound Royalties Unearths Millions in Undistributed Royalties and is Providing a Complimentary Service to Recover Them

West Palm Beach, FL – October 9, 2017 – Sound Royalties has unearthed nearly $14 million in earned but undistributed royalties owed to roughly 330 music industry professionals. The company is now helping these individuals recover the millions of dollars in discovered royalties for free, after recognizing the prevalence of this serious problem plaguing the industry.

These royalties stem from a variety of sources, including performance royalties, songwriter and producer royalties, and music streaming royalties. Most of the artists, songwriters and producers affected either don’t realize they have these hefty payments outstanding to them, or aren’t sure of the best way to recover them.


Music Entrepreneur Mia A. Irizarry Launches TrendCulprit’s “Music as a Business Telesummit” Featuring Renowned Industry Specialists

Los Angeles – Mia A. Irizarry, a successful music entrepreneur and the CEO of TrendCulprit, an online music business and support portal for independent artists, has gathered some of the industry’s most brilliant minds to discuss their views, techniques and secrets to the business. Their insightful presentations will be revealed  throughout September as TrendCulprit hosts the innovative “Music as a Business Telesummit.” The telesummit will release a new online interview daily for 21 days from top music industry professionals, including producers, publishers, agents and artists. All aspects of the music business, from songwriting to publishing to distribution and marketing will be covered. The free interview series is available by signing up at

The panel of experts will include among many, Ritch Esra, former Director of West Coast A&R for Arista Records; Foster V. Corder, former Director of Music Video Production for Capital Records; Eric De Fontenay, international music promoter and founder of Music Dish; Alonzo Williams, the “Godfather of West Coast Hip Hop” recently seen on HBO’s “The Defiant Ones” series; and Alexia Erlichman, co-founder of Music Gorilla.

“TrendCulprit recognizes the ongoing needs of bands and performing artists as they navigate their careers, so we are beyond excited to offer this free “Music as a Business Telesummit” to indie artists!” cites Irizarry. “It is a valuable platform for not only information but also serves as a beneficial resource for services and service providers. The specialists who participated in the summit are veterans who share insights that can alter the course of an artist’s musical journey. This telesummit will be a game changer for artists and performers.”

Mia A. Irizarry is a Puerto Rican certified global business practitioner, a music and apparel entrepreneur, a front-end web developer and a renown international dancer living in Los Angeles’ Venice Beach. In 2012, Mia founded Trend Culprit, a digital music marketing agency, providing musicians around the world with innovative music marketing, promotion and exposure. She is supported by a team of pioneering global thinkers. Mia has over 19 years of experience in the performing business, touring yearly, around the world with established dance companies.

For the full listing and itinerary of speakers for TrendCulprit’s “Music as a Business Telesummit” go to For more information on TrendCulprit, go to .

Sound Royalties Applauds GMR and SESAC for Championing Fair Pay for Songwriters


West Palm Beach, FL – Aug. 17, 2017 – Sound Royalties, LLC, issued a statement today in light of SESAC’s recent victory on radio royalty rates, and the ongoing battle between the Global Music Rights Organization (GMR) and the Radio Music License Committee (RMLC) in this arena.

RMLC sued GMR last year based on the latter seeking increased rates from commercial radio stations for music performance licenses. Interim contracts have allowed stations to continue playing GMR tracks, as the conflict continues.

Sound Royalties CEO Alex Heiche said the following today:

“Music is more intertwined in our lives today than it ever has been. Instead of just playing predominantly in the car, it’s now on at work, at the gym, while we make dinner. It’s almost constantly with us. But despite the fact that people are consuming more music than ever before, somehow the writers behind the songs driving our lives are being paid less.

“No in-demand industry operates without change for half a century, yet that’s exactly what is happening here. Radio rates have barely increased in 50 years, leaving even successful songwriters struggling to make ends meet. Thankfully, GMR and SESAC’s pushback to RMLC has shined a bright light on this serious issue plaguing the music industry.

“These works of art should be evaluated fairly on a free market, and music professionals have the right to decide who negotiates on their behalf. And if entities are not willing to pay a song’s determined worth, then those not willing to license it shouldn’t be allowed to play it.

“The battles being fought by these PROs are critical not only to their own songwriters, but to the music community overall. All music professionals and their PROs, even those currently dictated by consent decrees, will benefit from the ripple effect of these actions when free market rates are truly established.”


Media Questions Of The Week

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