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In Memoriam: 2016

In 2016, several music icons passed and it seemed like the deaths would not end until the very end of the year. Icons like Prince and David Bowie who commanded the pop landscape for 40 years were gone suddenly and unexpectedly. Sharon Jones was just beginning to gain more recognition before passing of Cancer after a two-year fight. Many music fans are just happy for 2016 to be over after experiencing so much loss. The sadness from the passing of so many important voices is only assuaged by the fact that each artist has an immortal influence through their work.

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Media Questions Of The Week


Will there be a tribute to Prince, Natalie Cole and Maurice White at the 2016 Soul Train Awards?


I would deeply and sincerely like to apologise to every one for this, and black women especially. I would like to clarify, I believe this shoot is from when I was around 15 and didn't understand cultural appropriation or the impact it has on POC. I was uneducated, which obviously is no excuse, ignorant and immature. Growing up in a very very white city, I had no idea the struggles black women face and how often they were persecuted for their hair. I didn't understand how black women are constantly told their natural hair is inappropriate/unprofessional for the work place, or how young girls are told they can't go to school with natural hair. I didn't understand that shoots like this support the very Eurocentric beauty standard that the mainstream media focus on which reinforce the idea that black features are only ok on white women. I didn't understand that as a white passing woman I'd be praised for this hair, but if I was a black woman I'd be persecuted. I didn't understand cultural appropriation. ✨ I do regret doing this. I hold up my hands, I'm so so so sorry and I'm very sorry this cover was taken away from a black woman. This image is (I think, although I'm not 100% sure) about 3/4 years old, it was never intended to be on the cover of this magazine. If I had known it was going to be published, I would never have condoned it. I'm upset and angry I was never asked by the photographer/hair salon/anyone if this image could be used for the cover Black Hair. ✨ I'm so glad I've educated myself and surrounded my self with people to teach me what is right and wrong. I constantly am learning and becoming more and more informed. It's important to come forward and be honest with ourselves about our past mistakes, otherwise we will never learn. Again, I'm truly, deeply sorry to anyone I've offended and I hope if nothing else this post can educated others so they don't make similar mistakes. (also please let me know if I've said anything wrong or offensive in this post!!! or anything i can add!!!! i love u all sm and the last thing i want to do is offend or hurt any one, i really hope you don't all think im a massive twat 😔)

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How did BlackHair magazine put a white model on the cover when they specify that their models must be of Black or mixed-race heritage?


What will become of Cuba now that Fidel Castro has died?



PBS Tribute To Gwen Ifill

PBS pays tribute to late journalist Gwen Ifill with a 12-minute video created by her NewsHour colleagues sharing what they learned from her. Ifill died of  uterine cancer  last week after an almost 40-year career in journalism. Ifill was the rare Black woman to host a national political show making her the first. She was the first Black woman to moderate a vice-presidential debate. Ifill had many honors including several honorary doctorates, the Peabody Award and Harvard’s Goldsmith Award for Excellence in Journalism. Queen Latifah famously portrayed Ifill in a Saturday Night Live sketch after the 2008 debates.


Media Questions Of The Week

Why was there any controversy over Beyonce’s performance at the Country Music Awards from unhappy fans of the genre and the organizers removing any mention of her from the CMA’s website and social media accounts?


Will Saturday Night Live’s writers create some really funny skits for Dave Chappelle’s appearance on the show next weekend?


Will Byron Allen win his $10 billion dollar lawsuit against Charter Communications for racial discrimination and violation of the Civil Rights Act?



Media Questions Of The Week


Who will be the first artist to receive a Grammy for a streaming-only release now that they are being recognized?


What is the release date for Tupac’s All Eyez On Me biopic?



What will be the fate of Ebony and Jet magazines now that they are no longer owned by The Johnson family?