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NUEX Releases Video For Eyes

NUEX has collaborated with director Abraham Vilchez-Moran on their intense video for “Eyes.” A young Black boy and his anguish at home is the center of the narrative. A Black man dances around the young boy and appears to be his consciousness or possibly a guide who sees and feels his torment. NUEX has managed to create another bewitching visual to match the blistering emotion in their music. The duo just released their debut Affectus EP. 


Hannah Featherstone Releases Word Bond Debut

Hannah Featherstone’s childhood in France exposed her to all kinds of music in a household of musicians. Today she releases her debut album, Word Bond and it is a reflection of her homegrown tastes bound together into one. “What’s In A Name” is the first single and Featherstone’s jazz and pop sensibilities combine around the need to do away with confining people with labels. 




Hero The Band Connects With Trinidad James & Childish Majors For God’s Today (Official Video)

Hero The Band looks at American society with Trinidad James and Childish Majors on their new single “God’s Today.” The video has scenes of Black Lives Matters protestors, All Lives Matters sign holders, the American flag and the band playing outside. The Atlanta brothers released Heroshima in 2017 and the video for “Mad” came out earlier this year.  “God’s Today” is their newest single.


Eliza Shaddad Reveals Her Vulnerability In Video For My Body

Eliza Shaddad releases any pretention about herself in the video for her single “My Body.” The London singer candidly states the point of the indie rock tune, 

“My Body” is a song about “being betrayed by your body. Knowing full well that you need to be alone, but doubting it every night.”

Director Joe McCrae, who she worked on the video for “White Lines,” has the camera watch her move around restlessly in her bedroom as she tries to find comfort within her physical state. The new song will be included on her forthcoming debut album Future. “My Body” is the second single from Future which is coming out later this year. 


Fantastic Negrito: The Duffler (Official Video)

Fantastic Negrito’s official video for “The Duffler” uses footage from his concert at Switzerland’s Blues Festival Baden last month. The camera follows him before he gets onstage and the actual show. Fantastic Negrito’s Please Don’t Be Dead came out today.