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Sa-Roc-Who Am I Feat. David Banner

Sa-Roc’s Afrocentric identity rap has company from David Banner. “Who Am I” is from the deluxe version of Nebuchadnezzar that came out yesterday.


Souls Of Mischief-All You Got Is Your Word

The Souls Of Mischief debuted the first single and video from There Is Only Now a couple of weeks ago. “All You Got Is Your Word” is the B-side of “There Is Only Now” and the second leak from the project that is exclusively produced by Adrian Younge and is based on a near-death experience they had in 1994.


The Other Guys-Seeds Of Ambition (Album Stream)


D.C. producers/rappers The Other Guys just released their debut album, Seeds Of Ambition on Hipnott Records. It’s available in the all the usual places and you can also stream it.


Shabazz Palaces-Forerunner Foray

Shabazz Palaces’s “Forerunner Foray” is another movement in their latest funky revolt, Lese Majesty. Palaceer Lazaro and Catherine Harris’s vocals are disembodied sounds meant to subtly sink into and shape the listener’s consciousness. The album has its US release on July 29th.


Media Questions Of The Week


Is Yaya DaCosta successfully channeling Whitney Houston’s second album cover?

Mary J.Blige

Which U.K. soul artists will Mary J.Blige work with on her upcoming London Sessions?


Is Total making a comeback?


KRS-One-Hip-Hop Is One

KRS-One is back instructing DJs and rappers to understand that “Hip-Hop Is One.” The Domingo-produced song is another one of KRS-One’s directives on the importance of rap music’s ability to uplift instead of always being presented as a deadly minstrel show.


Dice Raw-Animal

Dice Raw’s visual for “Animal” uses Al Jolson, the Civil Rights Movement, racist cartoons and other images of Black white race struggles in America to convey the meaning behind his simple repeated refrain for humanity. The song is from 2013′s Jimmy’s Back which, is based on Michelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow. Dice Raw also created a documentary about the prison economy to accompany the album.


Kilo Kish-Across EP


Kilo Kish released her cross-country trip inspired Across EP yesterday. Caleb Stone exclusively produced the EP that is now available in digital form and will receive a vinyl release on August 25th.


Talib Kweli-What’s Real Feat. Res

On the surface it looks like Idle Warship but Talib Kweli is taking something out of the southern rap playbook that doesn’t fit his Afro-boho partnership with Res.”What’s real” is their boast-heavy collaboration from Kweli’s Gravitas.


Rah Digga-Storm Comin’ Feat. Chuck D

Rah Digga released another song today and it’s about the battles she’s fought in choosing to be a rap artist who never fully submitted to the machine in hopes of having a big commercial presence. “Storm Comin’” is produced by Marco Polo and Chuck D is on the outro thanking and reminding Rah Digga about the importance of speaking her own truth as an artist.