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Carolina Dirty-Seers Of The Truth

Carolina Dirty’s video for “Seers Of The Truth” from her StillAtIt album debuted today on Vevo. The South Carolina native rhymed under the name Flower in the ’90’s and returned to hip-hop last year with her New Girl In Town EP. “Seers Of The Truth” is reintroducing her agenda to make lyrical hip-hop with no frills.



Rapsody is still talking about the Michael Brown situation in Ferguson, MO and a bunch of other things on her “Drama” track produced by Khrysis. Beauty and the Beast comes out October 7th.


Tanya Morgan Signs To HiPNOTT Records


Brooklynati rap duo Tanya Morgan have officially signed to Hipnott Records. Donwill and Von Pea who hail from Cincinnati and Brooklyn worked with Hipnott previously on their 2011 album, You And What Army. Last year they released their critically acclaimed Rubber Souls project. Hipnott label owner Kevin Nottingham and Morgan are eager to release new music and take Tanya Morgan, who have been described as the “sons of De La Soul” to the next level.


Throwback: Shawn Brown-Rappin Duke


Shawn Brown’s 1984 hit “Rappin Duke” was a hip-hop parody of movie star John Wayne. The novelty tune used rap music to spoof the Western film icon and also referenced other pop culture moments including “The Beverly Hillbillies,” Chaka Khan and then-president Ronald Reagan. The song’s “duh ha duh ha” refrain was funny and infectious over a slow-moving funk beat and it became popular enough to put Brown on tour with New Edition and Stevie Wonder. “Rappin Duke” was a rare moment of accepted comedic intent in rap when the genre was still proving itself to the world. Biggie Smalls reintroduced Brown by mentioning “Rappin Duke” in his song, “Juicy.” Brown never recorded again and later worked as a stand-up comedian, radio show morning host and as a keynote speaker at early childhood conferences because of his Super Fun Show educational program.


Media Questions Of The Week


Will Alexandra Shipp overcome her lack of resemblance to Aaliyah and do her role in the Lifetime biopic justice?


Did Rolling Out mistakenly identify Rev Run as the late Jam Master Jay?


Why did the New York Times call Shonda Rhimes “an angry Black woman” when discussing the new show “How To Get Away With Murder” when Rhimes isn’t the creator? And then reducing all of the Black females characters introduced in “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy” to the same stereotype but later calling her a “romance writer?”


Shad-Progress (Part 1: American Pie, Part 2: The Future is Here)

Shad’s video for “Progress (Part 1: American Pie, Part 2: The Future Is Here)” is a visual match to his critique of the rotting parts of Americana culture including; ADD inducing social media, inequality and overall nihilism. “Progress” is from his Flying Colors album released last year.


Flying Lotus-Coronus The Terminator

Flying Lotus says that “Coronus, The Terminator” is him singing about the end of mankind with Niki Randa, who is a member of the Los Angeles hip-hop band Blank Blue. Lotus will kick off his tour in support of You’re Dead on October 9th, two days after the album’s release.


Kendrick Lamar’s Artwork For I

Kendrick Lamar’s second major label album will be released before the end of the year and this is the artwork for the single simply titled “I.”


Public Enemy-Public Enemy No. 1 On The Jimmy Fallon Show

Public Enemy celebrated yesterday’s release of the Def Jam 30th Anniversary Box set on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. They performed “Public Enemy No.1″ from their classic Yo! Bum Rush The Show.


Mz 007-Important

Mz 007 is an unsigned rapper from St. Louis who’s been rapping locally for the past five years.”Important” is a party record with enough confidence to transcend all the double-standards in the entertainment world where all women are required to be a size 2.