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J.Cole-Be Free

J.Cole’s “Be Free” is a dedication to Mike Brown and other men like him including Eric Garner, John Crawford,Dante Parker, Ezell Ford and Oscar Grant III who were shot down under suspicious circumstances by law enforcement. “Be Free” is also a dedication to the senseless violence committed by colonized Black men who kill other Black men.


Do The Right Thing 25 Year Anniversary: A Beats Music Experience

Spike Lee and his cast from Do The Right Thing walk through Bed Stuy Brooklyn and recount the making of the film some 25 years ago. This short filmed overview of Lee’s second feature is timely considering the recent deaths of Eric Garner and Mike Brown by the police. The film ends with a block party and performance by Public Enemy whose “Fight The Power” became famous because of the movie.


Tyson onBEATS-We So Fly Feat. Mikial

Tyson onBEATS is the hip-hop duo of rapper Tyson Amir and producer Ridwan Bass aka onBEATS. They hail from San Jose, California and “We So Fly” is from their debut album, Purpose.


Afrika Bambaataa’s Vinyl Collection Crate Diggers

Fuse talks with Africa Bambaataa about his iconic vinyl collection that is one of first sonic foundations of hip-hop. Bambaataa is currently a visiting scholar at Cornell and his vinyl will become a part of the school’s hip-hop archive.


Joey Bada$$-Big Dusty

“Big Dusty” is the first single from Joey Bada$$’s debut album, B4.Da.$$ which comes out this Fall.


Alex Wiley-Splash Game

Alex Wiley’s video for “Splash Game” takes place in Toronto and he rides a go-kart, hangs with an animated mini-me and spends money. There are even captions beneath the visuals like the one assuring the viewers that “he’s really black, guy” as Wiley raps about extinguishing self-doubt. Village Party is making him one of the most-watched new rappers to come out of Chicago.


Souls Of Mischief and Adrian Younge-Panic Struck

“Panic Struck” is another song from the Souls Of Mischief album with Adrian Younge, There Is Only Now. A scary incident the band experienced in ’94 with a guy in a ski-mask is the basis of the jazz-influenced track.


Media Questions Of The Week


Did the pilot of Black Jesus live up the expectations associated with Aaron McGruder’s past work?


Is Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings racist because the main characters from the Bible are portrayed by a white cast and the “bad” characters are being played by African-Americans? Is the petition to ask Scott to use people who look like Ham (Egyptians and Ethiopians) from the Bible warranted?

Will The Wu-Tang Clan’s A Better Tomorrow satisfy their longtime fans when it’s released in November?


Gangsta Boo & La Chat-Buss It

Gangsta Boo and La Chat dedicate “Buss It” to all the fake gangsters. They call out the posers with real guns of their own and the promise to use them if necessary. Witch is available on iTunes.


Noisey Presents: Made In America The Detroit Episode

Noisey’s Made In America series goes to Detroit and interviews Danny Brown about his hometown and its influence on him. They also dig into the origins of techno with Kevin Saunderson and Carl Craig.