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Styles P: Heat Of The Night Featuring Coby

Styles P new single “Heat Of The Night” featuring Coby is the path to his G-Host album that has a May 4th release date. The Lox rapper just released The Nickel Bag EP at the end of March. “Heat Of The Night” has Styles spitting lyrics about navigating through the streets safely with the help of his gun. 


Kid Koala: Big Trouble In Little Battle (Audio)

Kid Koala shares another song from his Floor Kids Original Video Game Soundtrack today with “Big Trouble In Little Battle.” The 42-song project comes out April 27th and his Vinyl Vaudeville tour will start April 26th. Listen to “Big Trouble In Little Battle” and imagine being a character in the game based on becoming a B-Boy or B-girl. 


J.Cole: KOD Album Trailer

 J.Cole’s unexpected KOD album comes out Friday and the trailer quickly focuses on calling out a few of America’s problems. One thing KOD stands for is Kids On Drugs and there are tons of pills falling from the sky. Cole always has something to talk about outside of his rap skills and the trailer makes KOD look like an album that solely shed light on America’s weak points. 


Beat Rabbi: Return Of The Real Hard Beat Feat. Deepspace5

Veteran hip-hop collective Deepspace5 has a new single “Return Of The Real Hard Beat” produced by their own Beat Rabbi. The group’s most recent album is The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be from 2010. Their current single is an obvious dedication to ’80s and ’90s hip-hop the latter being the time they emerged on the scene. As Beat Rabbi says, 

“There have been a lot of cool creative directions hip-hop has taken the last decade or two (and some it shouldn’t have), but sometimes a hip-hop head just wants to hear some raw beats, hard drums, and dope rhymes. That may sound cliche but at the end of the day every real hip-hop fan feels a return of the real hard beats and real rap.”


Donald Glover Will Host And Perform On SNL

Donald Glover will host and perform on Saturday Night Live May 5th. His Childish Gambino persona, that he promised to retire will take the stage. The appearance on SNL takes Glover back to the beginning of his career when he was a member of the Derrick Comedy group that performed sketch comedy on the internet. The actor and musician returned to television for the second season of his FX show Atlanta last month. It is another big year for Glover as he was just seen in the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story which has a May 25th release date. He is also the voice of Simba in the remake of The Lion King