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Suzi Analogue Releases Video For NRG NRG

Suzi Analogue’s video for “NRG NRG” is a swift array of images reflecting her time in New York City. “NRG NRG” is from Analogue’s  instrumental Zonez V.1 album and she explained the idea behind the video to The Fader:

“The visuals, a collaboration with artist WAXO, are my way of showing some of the electric world my sounds live in and how that energy becomes a real thing people can feel. It carries the energy of NYC, I made it when living in the city. The song is literally a call for us all to tap into energy that motivate us to do what we need to in order to live great, thing big, imagine big – don’t be stagnant, push everything forward – we need that right now – now more than ever.”




Flying Lotus Brings 3D Tour To Detroit

Flying Lotus’3D Tour landed in Detroit last night at the Royal Oak Music Theater and his show was a colorful trip through pieces of mostly his catalog and music from his influences. His stage set consisted of a podium that resembled a mini volcano or a root and the 3D display behind him close to the ceiling. The audience wore the provided 3D glasses and got to experience holograms of skulls, flowers and falling heads. There were moments when a shimmering sarcophagus moved in the direction of the crowd and opened itself to invite them to lay inside it. They were also invited into a tunnel that disappeared as quickly as it seemed to materialize. Flying Lotus moved through a set that included a smoky background for the eerie “Coronus, The Terminator” but changed into a dance-worthy club atmosphere when he played Kendrick Lamar’s “King Kunta.” He directed the crowd’s exuberant singalongs to Thundercat’s “Friend Zone” and his “Never Catch Me” collaboration with Lamar. Before the evening was over he shared a snippet of new music with anderson.paak but stopped playing it after receiving a text from paak to keep it a secret. When he wasn’t performing his songs or those of his colleagues he took the time to play a piece of Parliament’s “(Not Just) Knee Deep.” The contrast of the music with the dreamlike 3D images made the show feel like a fun excursion that happily combined the virtual with the irreplaceable pleasure of the live communal experience.



Flying Lotus Directs Skinflick Tribute To Friend

Flying Lotus directed a tribute to his friend Bumpy Bob The Bubble Boy (Bob Heslip) for the   NOWNESS channel’s Define Beauty series. Skinflick is the third episode in the series and it presents Bob’s tumor-ridden body to the audience as a way to question common ideas about beauty. Flying Lotus provided the music for the episode and said this about Heslip:

“I first met Bob Heslip when working on my feature film KUSO –  I had him do a very small role for me and in the process of shooting I saw so much potential in him as an actor and a unique human being. He is a lovely man and I wanted to make a film that would honour the beauty of his unique condition”

Skinflick can be viewed on the NOWNESS channel and Flying Lotus is still on his 3D Live Tour.



Flying Lotus Drops Video For Post Requisite

Flying Lotus has a video for his new song “Post Requisite.” The clip is a moving collage of everything from drugs to footage from vintage commercials all blended together as Thundercat’s trance-inducing bass leads the way. Flying Lotus is finishing his next studio album for Warp and he’s touring his ebullient 3D show. Tickets are on sale now.



3D Live Powers Visuals for Flying Lotus in 3D Show

(Photo Credit: FYF / Goldenvoice)

Flying Lotus’ current stage show is an adventure into the next level of the 3D experience with a light show by Strangeloop Studios, Timeboy and 3D Live. The concert tour features music from Flying Lotus with visuals featured on 3D Live’s enveloping LED screens.

According to Flying Lotus:

“Everything about what 3D Live has done for the concert tour is going to blow people away,”

3D Live’s core technology was originally developed for Michael Jackson’s planned This Is It concert series, and since then it has been featured at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

The visual show, which had its premiere at FYF Fest in July is touring throughout the U.S. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased HERE.