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Chuck D’s Artmageddon Show Will Open January 12th At Shephard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects Gallery

Chuck D’s watercolor art will make its public debut January 12th at Shephard Fairey’s Subliminal Arts Gallery in Los Angeles. The show is a surprise because Chuck D is known as the founder of Public Enemy and a member of the Prophets Of Rage band. Artmageddon is the name of the exhibit and Chuck D said this in a press release: 

“Like hip-hop, visual art has the power to deliver a message with an explosive force. Shepard has created a space to remind us all that visual art has a voice, a place, an impact on the world we are living in.  It insists that you think and makes you feel. I’m humbled to have my work hang on the walls of Subliminal Projects.”

Chuck D’s visual art is in the permanent collection at The Smithsonian’s National Museum Of African American History And Culture. Last year the hip-hop legend released the solo album Celebration Of Ignorance. For more information on Subliminal Projects check out their website.  



Boom For Real: The Late Teenage Years Of Jean-Michel Basquiat Trailer

 Boom For Real: The The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat is a film from Sara Driver about Basquiat’s early years before fame. Driver had access to never seen notes, photographs and works to tell the story of Basquiat’s earliest influences including New York City, hip-hop and his family history. Fab Five Freddy and Jim Jarmusch are among the people from Basquiat’s inner circle who were interviewed for the movie that debuted last year at the Toronto International Film Festival and the New York Film Festival. Boom For Real will premiere in American theaters May 11th. 


Jeffrey Wright & Artist Carrie Mae Weems Honored At The Brotherhood/Sister Sol Gala

Jeffrey Wright, film, television and stage actor

Actor Jeffrey Wright and artist Carrie Mae Weems were honored Thursday night at The Brotherhood/SisterSol gala in New York City. The Brotherhood/SisterSol is a Harlem-based non-profit and youth development organization. Their 13th annual Bro/Sis Voices benefit at Gotham Hall raised nearly $1 million and was attended by Michael K. Williams, Rose Byrne, the Honorable Cyrus Vance, Bobby Cannavale, Adam Lazarre-White, New York Times columnist Charles Blow and author Elizabeth Alexander.

Wright and Weems thanked the organization’s founders Khary Lazarre-White and Jason Warwin.

“I thank you profoundly for this honor. More importantly, I thank Khary Lazarre-White, Jason Warwin and everyone associated with Brotherhood/Sister Sol for your example of intelligent, empathetic, hard work at a time when our country desperately needs reminding that American greatness exists in the hearts, minds and spirits of most — though not all — of its people and particularly in the young people like those who have flourished by your efforts,” said Wright.

“I want to congratulate and honor Khary and Jason for founding and building this remarkable institution,” remarked Weems.

The Peace Poets a Bronx artist collective and Bro/Sis alum provided entertainment for the event.

New York natives Khary-Lazarre White and Jason Warwin founded The Brotherhood/SisterSol in 1995 to help children, teens and adults develop skills and confidence to become fully actualized members of society. The organization is on a $15 million capital campaign to expand its reach and in November of 2017 plans to break ground on a new six-story state-of-the-art home, with training facilities, a technology center and an arts/performance space.

Lazarre-White commented on the organization’s creed and methodology:

“The Brotherhood/Sister Sol is an organization that is dedicated to helping young people understand the political realities of our age and to helping them become social change makers. We believe this work is done via education, organizing and the arts—and we are so pleased to have honored two artists whose work and life missions are so intertwined with social commentary, equity and struggling with the important and necessary issues of our time.”

For more information about The Brotherhood/SisterSol visit

Artist Carrie Mae Weems and Jeffrey Wright, film, television and stage actor

Khary Lazarre-White, The Brotherhood/Sister Sol executive director

Khary Lazarre-White, The Brotherhood/Sister Sol executive director, actor Michael K. Williams, Terence Winter, television and film writer and producer and actor Bobby Cannavale

Khary Lazarre-White, Jason Warwin and Adam Lazarre-White

Actor Michael K. Williams and Jeffrey Wright, film, television and stage actor




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Mickalene Thomas: Do I Look Like A Lady?

Mickalene Thomas talks about the influence of Black women comedians on her current show at MOCA, Do I Look Like A Lady? Thomas’s exhibition will be at the museum until February 6th.