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Nas At Coachella

Nas made a memorable appearance at Coachella this year performing the entire Illmatic album and having Jay-Z and Diddy join him for “Dead Presidents,” “Where I’m From” and “Hate Me Now.”


Throwback: Eugene Wilde-Gotta Get You Home Tonight

Eugene Wilde - Eugene Wilde (1984)

“Gotta Get You Home Tonight” was the successful beginning of Eugene Wilde’s solo career. Wilde grew-up as Ronald Broomfield in Miami, FL and was a member of his family’s music group, La Voyage. The band changed its name to Tight Connection and released the song “Does Anybody Really Know” in the ’70′s on the independent Taurus label. Wilde also joined the group Today,Tomorrow, Forever for their one project on Curtis Mayfield’s Curtom label. “Gotta Get You Home Tonight” was an immediate entry into the canon of Quiet Storm making subsequent hit songs, “Don’t Say No Tonight,” “Diana” and “Personality” seem derivative. The year after the success of his first self-titled solo album he appeared in the Mario Van Pebbles’ film Rappin’ with Joanna Gardner performing the song “First Love Never Dies.” He recorded a lesser-known duet with Sheena Easton, “What If We Fall In Love” in ’87. The ’90′s and 2000′s gave him success in the pop world from the songwriting he did for The Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and Victoria Beckham. Danish production duo Cool Million worked with Wilde on their 2010 “Back For More” single making him the lead vocalist on the song. The artist went the solo route again in 2011 with the Celerity label that released his Get Comfortable album.


Media Questions Of The Week


What does Jay-Z really think of the Five Percent Nation?


Will Arsenio Hall be the new king of late night television once David Letterman retires?


Who will join Outkast on stage at Coachella?


Killer Mike-The Boonies

“The Boonies” is a Killer Mike and Alchemist collaboration from the upcoming Boondocks mixtape. The fourth season of The Boondocks begins on April 21st.


Madlib Makes A Beat

Madlib gets in front of the camera and de-mystifies his creative process by making a beat for Vice. There is a part 2 of this video coming soon.


Pharrell-Marilyn Monroe On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Pharrell performed “Marilyn Monroe” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and he also saw the kids at the Detroit Academy Of Arts And Sciences sing his hit song “Happy.”


Damani Nkosi-Free Dumb (Chains Off)

Damani Nkosi’s video for “Free Dumb (Chains Off)” was shot in Germany and symbolizes the types of changes in outlook he experienced after travelling around the world. This song is another glimpse of the upcoming Thoughtful King.


Blood Orange-Uncle Ace Kindness Remix Feat. Robert Owens

Blood Orange’s video for the Kindness remix of “Uncle Ace” is a look at his Illford, Essex hometown abroad and the questioning of how cities shape people. Chicago house legend Robert Owens is on the track and makes a rare appearance in the video. You can read their interview where they discuss music and how their respective cities
help influence their character on Blood Orange’s Tumblr page.


Regina Carter-See See Rider Live On Soundcheck

Regina Carter performs her cover of “See See Rider” at WNYC’s Soundcheck Studio with her Southern Comfort band. Carter’s interpretation of the famous blues song is from her current album of Americana explorations, also named Southern Comfort. The jazz violinist says, that Southern Comfort started as a journey back to her father’s family roots in Alabama and ended up becoming an exploration of the music of The Appalachians created by Native Americans, slaves and European settlers from Scotland and Ireland. The concept of finding her ancestral origins in the music is a continuation of her last album Reverse Thread, which focused on her mother’s side of the family and African folk music. Regina Carter’s tour will resume on April 19th.


Snoop & Daz-Uncle Junebug (We Miss You)

Snoop and Daz pay tribute to their late Uncle Junebug with “Uncle Junebug (We Miss You)” and a video with clips of their lives together off and on the road.