Watch: Patrick Paige II Releases Video For So They Say

Patrick Paige II of The Internet shares his new single “So They Say” and the video. He is singing about self-doubt and the possibility that his music isn’t as good as he thinks it is before having an adventure. His car breaks down and he has a feast with friends in the desert before leaving the whole scene. He says, 

“I wrote ‘So They Say’ originally just as a freestyle/poem or note to self with no instrumental in mind because the thoughts of doubt and fear of my personal success were heavy on my heart, trying to make sense of obstacles I seemed to constantly face at the time with ‘everything thing happens for a reason.’ I actually had Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Yah’ playing as I wrote down what I thought was just a poem. Months later I got the beat from 2 good friends, Nick and Dave, then restructured the song and it became the song it is today and I’m grateful I was able to process those feelings through such a record.”

The bass player previously released his Letters Of Irrelevance album in 2018. “So They Say” is one of the coolest instances of vulnerability in a song.