Throwback: Michel’le-Something In My Heart

Michel’le’s debut album boasted a handful of singles including “Something In My Heart” that she wrote with producer Dr. Dre. The singer channeled her real feelings for the producer into the song and delivered a torchy ballad with a dramatic vocal climax. It was amazing to hear her minuscule speaking voice morph into a grown woman’s expression.  Her emotional delivery revealed a passionate love that she felt and was not being reciprocated. The sentiment was relatable to many and the video added to the authenticity of a perceived heartbreak because of her raw performance. Michel’le’s signature ballad took on more meaning after the public saw Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le, the Lifetime network movie about her allegedly abusive relationship with Dr. Dre. V Bozeman covered “Something In My Heart” in 2016. Meg Thee Stallion’s “Outside” from her 2020 Good News album has a sample of the song.  As of 2020, Michel’le still tours and performs.