Listen: Rvdical The Kid-Nasa Feat. Amaarae


Producer and songwriter Rvdical The Kid reconnects with frequent collaborator Amaarae on his new song “Nasa.” The producer, who has roots in Benin and Ghana, provides cosmic pulses and stuttered drums while Amaare’s kittenish vocals describe being an erotic dancer. Rvdical explained the coming together of Nasa: 

“It is a fun record I made with nothing particular in mind other than the pursuit of the exhilarating feeling of creating. The process of creating the record almost felt like an acid trip, flowing through synths, drums and foley that carefully landed me on a very ethereal and spacey and beat. My love for contrast and juxtaposition informed the almost obnoxious pitch screwed bass that drives the entire record.”

“Nasa” will be on Rvdical The Kid’s sophomore EP Little Planet which comes out on August 14th.