Run The Jewels Drop Lyric Video For JU$T

[youtube id=”32hUIGnMpOY”] Run The Jewels release lyric video for “JU$T” featuring Pharrell Williams and Zach de la Rocha. The images are a rundown of things that have happened this year with the duo’s usual criticism of the system. Artist Winston Hacking shared the video’s concept in a statement: 

“I worked closely with Run The Jewels to create a satirical time-capsule of 2020 thus far, capturing the sentiment of their song using collage animation. Drawing on the influence of Public Enemy’s classic ‘Shut ‘Em Down’ video, we combined cut up images from contemporary and historical events into a psychedelic protest vignette, a visual fuck you to systemic racism.”

Run The Jewels and Hacking’s collaboration take on capitalism, President Trump, racism and  America’s history of slavery with endless images that create an overview of the country’s current state.