Throwback: George Clinton-Quickie

George Clinton’s Parliament-Funkadelic stopped releasing new albums by 1981 and he started his solo career in 1982. His move into releasing music under his name alone still had a lot of the players from his P-Funk collective. He started with the success of “Atomic Dog” from his 1982 Computer Games album. Shouldn’t-Nuf Bit Fish was Clinton’s sophomore recording. “Quickie” combined the synth-heavy R&B of Computer Games with the kind of rock guitar usually heard on a Funkadelic record. The description of a brief sexual experience was classy, fun and favorable to the dance floor. The funk was just as potent as his earlier music but there was a smoothed out edge to “Quickie” that wasn’t quite as raw as songs like “Flash Light” or “(Not Just) Knee Deep.” Many fans believed that “Quickie” should have been promoted as the second single from the album. Shouldn’t-Nuf Bit Fish was one of Clinton’s well-received solo outings that pushed the P-Funk vision into the next decade. George Clinton released his last solo album in 2008 and Parliament returned after 38 years with Medicaid Fraud Dogg in 2018. [youtube id=”3JbLbkjMXFQ”]