Steve Arrington Returns With New Song From Next Solo Album

Steve Arrington Credit: Eric Coleman

Funk legend Steve Arrington is back with a new song from his first solo album in 11 years. “Keep Dreamin'” is a feel-good ode to the pursuit of a dream sung in Arrington’s vintage drawl. The artist who emerged in the ’70s with the funk band Slave had success with them in the ’80s thanks to hits like “Just A Touch Of Love” and “Watching You.” He went solo and penned funk classics like “Weak In The Knees” and “Nobody Can Be You But You.” Years later after being away from a recording career he reinvented himself in 2013 on the collaboration album Higher with Däm-Funk. “Keep Dreaming” is on Down To The Lowest Terms: The Soul Sessions. Arrington says he envisioned the album years ago and was happy that Stones Throw gave him the opportunity to get it done. Arrington’s return to music hasn’t stopped at his own creative work. In March, he performed “Black Qualls” with Thundercat and Flying Lotus on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Down To The Lowest Terms: The Soul Sessions comes on September 18th. [youtube id=”rDzvOfDrEMc”]