Throwback: The Isley Brothers-Fight The Power

Ernie Isley wrote “Fight The Power (Part 1 and 2)” in response to what he was seeing on the news. In 1975 America was dealing with the Watergate scandal and the ending of the Vietnam war. The message and strong funk grooves won over their fans and became one of The Isley Brothers’ many classic hits. The influence of Jimi Hendrix, who use to play with the band, was also at work. Ron Isley’s vocals were unusual for the time because of his use of the word “bullshit” to describe how people were feeling about the political situation in the country. “Fight The Power” did well commercially speaking and was one of the reasons The Heat Is On became their first number one album. Their 13th studio recording was one of the biggest albums of the year  and their career.  [youtube id=”8QZvoOqUkqw”]