Charlotte Dos Santos Has New Single, Harvest Time With Video

Charlotte Dos Santos’ scenic video for “Harvest Time” is an ideal match for lofty pop-expressed emotion. The singer from Norway emerged in 2017 with her Cleo EP that introduced her to the world of online music connoisseurs. The “Harvest Time” video comes after a moment of change in her life that she refers to as

“A very turbulent time at a point in life where I was asking so many questions – it felt right to tap into enduring chaos to emerge, reborn. I used the etymology of a phoenix… Something in me died, but I was resurrected – it was a positive thing, a renaissance.” 

Fiona Godiva, who has worked with Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson, directed “Harvest Time.”

[youtube id=”1osb30pggJI”]