R.I.P. Jimmy Spicer

Hip-hop pioneer Jimmy Spicer passed yesterday at age 61 after receiving a diagnosis for lung and brain cancer last year. Spicer recorded some of rap’s earliest classics in the ’80s. “Adventures Of Super Rhyme,” “Money (Dollar Bill Y’all)” and “The Bubble Bunch” were touchstones of a new movement called rap that was not yet received by the masses. He was one of the first MCs to put Brooklyn on the map long before Biggie Smalls. Russell Simmons had Spicer as one of his first management signees and the rapper even worked in the RUSH offices for a while. Those early songs would inspire LL Cool J, Funkmaster Flex, Snoop Dogg and countless other hip-hop DJs and artists. So many people have heard his songs sampled in many places without knowing the source. His career was brief before he disappeared to be a full-time father and an enigma to the audience that missed him. The legend was scheduled to perform at the 46th anniversary of hip-hop on September 21st but could not because of his illness. A GoFundMe account was created for his medical bills and then it was changed to raise money for his funeral costs. 

[youtube id=”nkGLco0tGqc”]