Jidenna Invites You To His Party In Tribe Visual

[youtube id=”_oHlAw9tE3o”]Jidenna resurfaced last week with singles “Sufi Woman” and “Tribe” along with the trailer for his next album 85 To Africa. The video for “Tribe” has landed and it features Jidenna inviting his audience to come and see inside a party he’s having with his crew. The imagery keeps with Jidenna’s sharing of his cultural experiences in Atlanta and Africa. The trailer for the new album reveals how his 2017 eviction from a mansion in Atlanta because of the owner’s financial irresponsibility sent him and his group back to Africa. He was inspired by the situation and saw it as a symbol of the Black experience because even though the bills were paid they were still displaced and out of a home. African-Americans can do what is expected of any good American and not escape the pitfalls of racism. 

[youtube id=”JDfwJNkyccg”]