Kaleidoscope Reviews Offers Different Views On Pop Culture

Kaleidoscope Reviews is a new place to find articles written by people of color about people who look like them in the entertainment industry. Gil Robertson, who is the president of the African American Film Critics Association, created the site to present diverse perspectives from African-Americans, Hispanic/Latinx, Asian and Native American communities. He says, 

As the entertainment landscape changes and more movies, TV shows, web series and shorts are produced by or feature people of color, there needs to be a corresponding rise in the number of film and television critics to evaluate these art forms and interpret their meanings from their representative communities.”

The most provocative submissions will post to the homepage and be shared on the site’s social media pages. Writers interested in sharing their voices can email [email protected].

The AAFCA’s podcast is a companion to Kaleidoscope Reviews and Season 1 is available now.