Singer Grace May Debuts Quiet

R&B singer Grace May shares her Joni Mitchell-inspired single “Quiet.” The Toronto native who is now based in New York City has been working as back up singer developing her craft. Her first single, “High Tide” ended up on an album distributed by her Berklee College of Music alma mater’s Heavy Rotation label. May listened to Mitchell’s Both Sides Now and read some of her old interviews before writing “Quiet” to reflect the silence some people choose instead of sharing their pain with others. It was a quote from Mitchell that lingered in May’s mind when the artist told an interviewer,

“If you listen to the music and you see me, you’re not getting anything out of it. If you listen to that music and you see yourself… now you’re getting something out of it.” 

 May hopes that “Quiet” will help listeners not feel alone and have hope that whatever is troubling them can be overcome and that it never hurts to talk to someone.