Watch: Leela James & The Truth Band Perform That Woman

[youtube id=”wFGt0VnEdyw”]Watch Leela James and The Truth Band (not to be confused with the British rock band from the ’60s) perform “That Woman” in the official video for the song. James belts out the tune by infusing her soulful delivery with a rasp into the band’s bluesy rock chords. Her conviction makes it clear that she is not going to tolerate any man disrespecting her and it is reminiscent of the same kind of emotion Tina Turner exhibited on “Better Be Good To Me.” James and the Truth which consists of bass player Eric Ingram, guitarist Jairus “JMo” Mozee and drummer David “Dae-Dae” Haddon have a five-song EP titled Are You Ready? coming out April 12th. The singer had this to say about the project: 

“I was most excited to join forces with The Truth Band in creating this Are You Ready? project, because I knew it would become something magical. We pretty much recorded the project over the course of two weeks and it was effortless because the music just flowed naturally. It felt good to work on music and not be inhibited in the approach. I’m constantly evolving as an artist, not to mention I love all kinds of music, always have and always will, and I think this project is the beginning of showing just that.”

For James’s fanbase, the title can be read as an invitation to her new sound because they are accustomed to her singing R&B but “That Woman” is just as soulful as anything she’s ever recorded. She and the band also produced Are You Ready?