Throwback: Ice-T-Colors

[youtube id=”LI8Zx_QvNVU”]Ice-T recorded “Colors” for the soundtrack of the Dennis Hopper film of the same name in 1988. Ice-T was enjoying the success of his debut album, Rhyme Pays which had the definitive gangsta rap track “6 in the Mornin'” when he recorded “Colors.” The album was also the second one ever to have a label for explicit content. He wrote and produced the song about the Los Angeles gang crisis with Afrika Islam who he worked with on his first four albums. His status as a street rapper gave his voice authority when he started rapping about Crips and Bloods.  “Colors” helped the soundtrack make Gold status within months of its release and is one of the things most remembered about the movie. Hopper’s film and Ice-T’s song were one of the earliest mainstream critiques of west coast gang culture. “Colors” influenced Ice-T to go deeper into his critique of American society and his sophomore album Power continued his attack on what he saw as the problems in the culture. It was during this time period when Ice-T established himself as one of the most salient voices in hip-hop. The rapper and actor has released eight albums as Ice-T and six albums with his rock band Body Count. His 35-year acting career appearing in numerous films and television shows includes an almost 20-year stint on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit