Daily Archives: February 3, 2019

Gladys Knight Sings National Anthem At Super Bowl LIII

Gladys Knight sings the National Anthem at the Super Bowl LIII Pregame. Knight’s performance was the best thing about the Super Bowl that is being criticized for Maroon 5’s half time show which is being called the worst ever. The soul legend’s rendition brought tears to the audience and gave most Americans a feeling of elevated patriotism. Her appearance was epic and should have been extended to the half time presentation. Gladys Knight made an unexpected triumph at the event that had so much confusion and controversy around it because of the Colin Kaepernick issue. The soul legend was able to transcend everyone’s feelings on both sides of the problem with a performance from the heart that honored the country and humanity.¬†


Throwback: Rick Astley-Never Gonna Give You Up

Rick Astley became an international pop star when his hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up” debuted in 1987. Astley’s arresting baritone grabbed ears and producer and songwriter Stock Aitken Waterman¬†provided a dance-pop sound that topped the pop charts and was also played in clubs like the Paradise Garage. The success of “Never Gonna Give You Up” helped Astley’s debut album, Whenever You Need Somebody go to no. 1 around the world. The pulse of Astley’s signature song has lived on and in 2007 it was the subject of a meme called “Rickrolling” where an internet user would click on a link indicating one thing but be led to the song’s video. Rick Astley’s ninth studio album, Beautiful Life was released in 2018.¬†