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Media Questions Of The Week

Did the Recording Academy deliberately cut off Drake’s acceptance speech for Best Rap Song Of The Year after he told his peers that Grammys were not the real win in their careers? 

Did Disney fail in its creation of Will Smith as Genie for the remake of Aladdin?

Did Jennifer Lopez deserve all the criticism about her performance for the 60th Anniversary Motown tribute at the Grammys?




Chaka Khan: Hello Happiness Album Stream

It’s been 12 years since Chaka Khan’s last solo album Funk This. Today she returns with Hello Happiness which pairs her with producers Sarah Ruba and Switch. Her 12th studio album kicked off with the dancefloor single “Like Sugar.” The whole of Hello Happiness projects Khan’s funk foundation through just enough modern changes to land into 2019 without trendiness. The Queen of Funk spoke to The Guardian about Hello Happiness and some of the changes in her life since her last album like the passing of her friend Prince. 


India.Arie: Worthy Album Stream & Lyric Video For What If

India.Arie’s Worthy has arrived and it comes with the lyric video for “What If.” The album has Arie’s signature earthy soul and a collection of songs that function as entertainment and affirmations. Worthy follows her 2017 album SongVersation: Medicine. The video for “What If” is black and white with photos of every notable person she sings about in succession. The neo-soul veteran has plans to hit the road and will announce Worthy tour dates soon. 



United Skates Looks At African-American Roller Rink History (Trailer)

United Skates is a documentary from filmmakers Tina Brown and Dyana Winkler about the history of African-American skate culture. The pair start with the current skating world in Central Park and then leads the viewer into skate parties that take place through word of mouth around the country. The film is a tribute to the importance skating rinks served in the community as places for people to socialize and a place where many artists started their careers. Salt-N-Pepa are interviewed on camera about the cultural role of the skating rink in African-American communities. John Legend executive produced the film which will air on HBO Monday, February 18th at 8 PM ET. 


John Legend Calls For Change In Video For Preach

John Legend’s video for “Preach” is an intense plea for change in America because of issues like police brutality, racism and the demonizing of immigrants. The clip starts with Legend and his wife Chrissy in bed and later he goes to church and calls on God for help to mend the society’s struggles. The video is the first of its kind to use the Donate button so that viewers can give money to Free America.  Legend explains, 

“Sometimes we can get so frustrated by the news and what’s going on and there’s this battle going on in ourselves. Do we become apathetic? Do we become engaged? Do we just talk about it, or do we do something?”

Watch “Preach” and check out Free America