Gene Noble: The Cost Produced By Illmind

Gene Noble was featured on Emilio Rojas’ “The Cost” and now he offers his version of the song. Rojas’ version focused on relationship dynamics but Noble takes it even deeper and sings about the expense of things we want in life. Noble elaborated in a press release,

“Nothing in life is free. Everything has a cost. At times that cost is too high or too unknown and we’re left to figure it out. This song is a reflection of the toll that cost can take on a person. “I don’t trust like I used to, love like I used to, trip like I used to, they just wanna use you and that’s what I’m used to… it costs too much! And the price goes up! The high cost of fame… the high cost of dreams… the high cost of love, friendships and relationships…. it can be a bit heavy to consider and yet as social beings, interaction is necessary. All of our desires are reachable as long as we are willing to pay “The Cost.”

Noble’s vocals stretch with the pressure of the song’s message about taking emotional responsibility for human desires. Illmind produced Noble’s cover and takes the strong topic and gives it a heavenly sound to mitigate the stressful sentiment.