Daily Archives: November 2, 2018

Anthony Hamilton Encourages Healing In Love Conquers All Video

Anthony Hamilton releases a video for “Love Conquers All” and offers his perspective on America’s problem with gun violence. Trigger-happy cops and people’s inability to feel safe at school or church are shown in the clip. Hamilton’s message is that everyone needs love and love can be the only true healer of gun violence. 


Rapper Big Pooh & Focus: RPM Album Stream

Rapper Big Pooh and his Focus-assisted album RPM came out today. RPM comes after a three-year break when Pooh was last heard on Home Sweet Home with Nottz. The artist who took the stage with his Little Brother brethren for the first time in 10 years explained his absence in a statement: 

“I wasn’t in a great place, creatively, for a while. I took some time to step back and concentrate on other endeavors and manage other artists. After talking about working on a project for a couple of years, Focus and I decided to finally make thoughts become things. Our ‘thing’ turned out to be ‘RPM.’

In addition to maintaining his solo career Rapper Big Pooh has been managing Dreamville artist Lute, working as a DJ and running his distribution company Common Cents Media Group.