Daily Archives: October 31, 2018

Watch: Phony Ppl Do Rhythm Roulette

Watch Phony Ppl pull records and create “Ashes Ashes” for Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette. Their flexibility in being able to use their musicianship with the principles of hip-hop have been heard in their music but it takes on another level of excitement actually seeing them work. Phony Ppl’s sophomore album mō’zā-ik is out now. 



Brooklyn Songtress Cherokee Shares Video For Goddess

Brooklyn singer Cherokee emerges from a hiatus with a video for her new single “Goddess.” Colorfully clad in ceremonial headdress, tons of bangles and heavy earrings, Cherokee strikes a memorable visual for her celebration of women. Lyrically, she wants women to know that their beauty is internal and physical. “Goddess” is the first song to be released from Cherokee’s 2019 EP.