Daily Archives: October 11, 2018

Sound Royalties Praises Passage of Music Modernization Act

West Palm Beach, FL – DATE – Sound Royalties, an industry-leading finance firm for music creatives, is commending the official passage of the transformative and much-needed Music Modernization Act. The bill, which contains sweeping changes to long-outdated copyright laws, was signed into law by President Trump earlier today, after unanimously passing the House of Representatives last month and receiving previous approval from the Senate.

In response to the news, Sound Royalties issued the following statement from its Founder and CEO Alex Heiche:

“For years, music professionals have been stuck in an archaic, broken system that made it extremely difficult for music services to locate and pay creatives. This should never happen in any industry, especially not one as centric to our lives as music.

“But today’s landmark passage of the Music Modernization Act is an enormous step in the right direction to correct this wrong and ensure that creatives are fairly compensated for their work. This was a long-awaited and hard-fought victory, and Sound Royalties salutes all those who battled tirelessly to make this dream a reality.


THEY.: What I Know Now Feat. Wiz Khalifa

THEY and Wiz Khalifa have gotten together and recorded the R&B duo’s new single “What I Know Now.” The wisdom learned from past relationships is sung about with a coolness that Khalifa compliments with his equally laidback delivery. Heartbreak never sounded so freeing among the guitars and trap beat. “What I Know Now” is a lead into their Fireside EP coming out in November. The Los Angeles-based musical partners released their Nü Religion: Hyena album in 2017