Nissi Returns With TwoBadGuyz-Produced Singe Undercover

Nissi collaborates with UK Afrobeats producer TwoBadGuyz on her new single “Undercover.” She opened up about the process behind “Undercover” in a press release:

“‘Undercover’ really is just a vibe. We recorded it the very first we met. TwoBadGuyz was playing me some draft instrumentals he was working on, and once I heard this one, I literally started freestyling onto it. The song lyrics really talk about the thrill of doing something that isn’t necessarily right, but feels like it is, so you do it anyway. The boisterous production definitely demanded this kind of daring and free songwriting from me.”

Nissi started making music a couple of years ago and has shown her appreciation for R&B, jazz and pop. “Undercover” is her first time making a dancehall-inspired record and it is  the third single to leak before the release of her debut EP The Virus. coming out this fall.