Throwback: Chic- I Want Your Love

[youtube id=”n_htjCfExkk”]C’est Chic is Chic’s second album and “I Want Your Love” came right after the huge success of their single “Le Freak.” The luxurious horns and strings with vocalist Alfa Anderson’s collected emotion appealed to their audience as much as “Le Freak.” Chic’s classy dance music had texture thanks to Nile Rodgers’ distinct rhythm guitar and Bernard Edwards’ palpable bass lines. This unique gentility was also expressed in their tailored outfits that conveyed a kind of Black glamour did not alienate the masses.”I Want Your Love” was sleek, gritty and futuristic all at the same time.C’est Chic has maintained its cultural relevance 40 years after its release having been referenced in numerous samples and cited as an influence by several artists. The band has continued through the years after the passing of Bernard Edwards in 1996 and drummer Tony Thompson in 2003. Chic’s 10th album, It’s About Time will be released September 28, 2018.