London Rapper Stratz Drops New Song Likkle More

Stratz is a rapper from North London and on his first single “Likkle More” he combines hip-hop, dancehall and soul. Mayfield Studios produced the song that encourages people to give more to life in every area. Stratz explains how past battles with depression after his friend was killed:

“It is funny to think this is how most of us used to live and scary to know it carries on and worsens. The only way I came out of such a bad stage was the constant reminder that I have to live this life for all of us and having such support from my family and music 24/7. I came out of such a bad stage and have now become so prosperous I don’t think Hulk could stop me if he tried.”  

Stratz has put “Likkle More” out there to introduce himself and give the people a late summer anthem.