Daily Archives: August 23, 2018

Spike Lee Makes Video For Prince’s Mary Don’t You Weep

Spike Lee has used footage from his current film The Black KkKlansman to created an extended trailer with Prince’s version of “Mary Don’t You Weep.” The scenes from the movie about Ron Stallworth’s infiltration into the KKK as a Black detective with Prince’s music takes a somber turn because of his 2016 passing. The comedy of the film ultimately gets buried and the mourning of his death is underscored by a photo of him and Lee together at a basketball game posted at the end of the trailer. 


Kandace Springs: 6 8 Official Video

Kandace Springs delivers a black and white video for “68” a late-night seduction from the forthcoming Indigo. It’s just Springs, her piano and the camera in the clip that conveys the meaning of “68” with minimalism. Indigo is available for pre-order ahead of the Septemeber 7th release and Springs is on tour


Watch: Knife Knights’ KEXP Full Performance

Knife Knights is a new project led by Ishmael Butler and it comprises members of his musical family including Erik Blood, Marquetta Miller, Stas Thee Boss, OChotes and more. They perform a 20-minute set of music from their upcoming album in the KEXP studios and take a short break for an interview. Their atmospheric sound is expansive, soulful and moves like a cloud. Their Time Mirage debut comes out September 14th. 


London Rapper Stratz Drops New Song Likkle More

Stratz is a rapper from North London and on his first single “Likkle More” he combines hip-hop, dancehall and soul. Mayfield Studios produced the song that encourages people to give more to life in every area. Stratz explains how past battles with depression after his friend was killed:

“It is funny to think this is how most of us used to live and scary to know it carries on and worsens. The only way I came out of such a bad stage was the constant reminder that I have to live this life for all of us and having such support from my family and music 24/7. I came out of such a bad stage and have now become so prosperous I don’t think Hulk could stop me if he tried.”  

Stratz has put “Likkle More” out there to introduce himself and give the people a late summer anthem. 



Calvin Valentine: VHS Feat. Illa J

Calvin Valentine offers another preview of his Keep Summer Safe debut album with the single “Vhs” featuring Illa J. The funky track has Valentine rapping about green tea, chronic and his friends. The two worked together previously on Illa J’s Home album and Valentine has built his resume producing for Nas, De La Soul, Juicy J and more. Keep Summer Safe comes out September 14th.