Music Hall Is Saddened By The Passing Of Aretha Franklin

It is with great sadness that The Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts bids a fond farewell to not only one of the world’s greatest singers to ever live, but also to a fellow Detroiter and friend of Music Hall – Miss Aretha Franklin.

Music Hall President and Artistic Director, Vince Paul had this to say about Aretha’s passing today:

“Music Hall is mourning the loss of Aretha Franklin today. The relationship with Aretha began in the early sixties when she attended the Easter sermons at Music Hall of her father C. L. Franklin. She performed countless concerts, parties and appearances over the years and we produced her final full concert given for free to the people of Detroit on June 9, 2017, outdoors next to Music Hall on Aretha Franklin Way, a street that will forever bear her name.”

Her musical- and even more, her cultural imprint that she left on Detroit continues to resonate internationally, transcending race and politics and geographical borders, which earns her a place only reserved for royalty.

A Queen.

Miss Franklin’s combination of R & B, Soul, and Gospel brought a new standard to singing and popular music, and Music Hall was proud to have been there since the beginning.

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