Laolu Releases New Song So Right

Laolu’s “So Right” is a moment of bliss with heavy acoustic guitar and the songstress all in her state of happiness. The South London singer survived depression and was glad to make a song dedicated to her progress. She admits that on the first listen people will assume she is singing about a romantic love but she’s really focused on coming to a powerful self-love. She says, 

“On “So Right,” I sing as though I am confessing my love for a partner, but I’m also singing to myself, I sing to the emotion of happiness as if it’s a person, because for me, who didn’t think I’d ever feel or be truly happy, this emotion was very alien to me. It was something I was not sure could happen to me, me being fulfilled and confident in myself again, I didn’t see that for myself. So now, I celebrate that I am on this journey and I make sure that I learn and enjoy my experiences.”

“So Right” is the third single from her All In Me EP coming out at the end of August.