Gabriel Ryder Releases DarkSummer EP

Gabriel Ryder usually produces music for others like UK rap legend Lowkey, and other artists in his part of the world including Mai Khalil and Awate. He has branched out of that role for the moment to release his DarkSummer EP. The six-song mostly instrumental playlist blends R&B, deep house and electronic sounds into cozy music for the warmest days of the year. The London producer shared his inspiration for the EP in a press release: 

“This EP was cathartic for me, in that I spilled my emotions, feelings and thoughts into the music. I was inspired by the music of Flying Lotus, Ta-ku, and others to create a project that could encapsulate my mood at the time, which resulted in tracks such as “Glow//Drowning” and the title track “DarkSummer.” I was also inspired by the sounds of London, having grown up there, and wanting to blend these influences together, resulting in tracks such as “Ghost Around” and “Master Roshi.”

Stream DarkSummer below: