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Brandon Coleman Prepares For Solo Debut Resistance With Giant Feelings Video Feat. Patrice Quinn & Techdizzle

Brandon Coleman’s “Giant Feelings” is a fun funk fest featuring Patrice Quinn and Techdizzle. Coleman is a current member of Kamasi Washington’s band but he has worked with numerous industry names through the years including Babyface, Shuggie Otis, Ciara and Childish Gambino. The songwriter, keyboardist and producer is releasing his first solo album in September on the Brainfeeder label. Resistance is a culmination of all the music he has enjoyed through the years. According to Coleman, 

“I’ve been in the studio a lot in recent years, writing with this or that artist and I always felt constrained… like I had to compromise and submit to a ‘pop’ sensibility,” he explains. “This time I just wanted to create something that was really free… something original… to incorporate all the styles that I represent, because often when I’ve tried to do that in the past it’s been met with resistance.”

Coleman’s first-time meeting Flying Lotus at a rehearsal for the Suite For Ma Dukes set the stage for him to end up on his label. Their similar vision regarding the transcending of genres made an ideal partnership. The visual for “Giant Feelings” seems more like a jam session among friends than a typical music video and that is the kind of camaraderie to be expected on Resistance when it is released September 14th.  


JMSN: Talk Is Cheap Official Video

JMSN delivers a video for the suave vibes of “Talk Is Cheap.” He is immersed in bold colors as his dancers move around him laying in a circle and standing on the floor. Paper money gets thrown around and used as a bed as JMSN croons about people who talk but take no action. “Talk Is Cheap” will be on his Velvet album coming out in September. 


Lenny Kravitz: 5 Days Til Summer (Audio)

Lenny Kravitz shares another song from Raise Vibration with “5 Days Til Summer.” The easygoing guitar-driven tune embodies the summer season with its casual lyrics sung by Kravitz with little effort. Kravitz is on the road for the rest of the year supporting the September release of Raise Vibration. He recently sat for GQ and shared many items from his personal possessions including James Brown’s boots and Jimi Hendrix setlist from Woodstock. 


Watch: Blood Orange Video For Charcoal Baby

Blood Orange’s “Charcoal Baby” single is from his forthcoming Negro Swan album. The video is a quick portrait equally jubilant about family gatherings and Blood Orange’s artistry. The split screen brings duel scenarios together including two separate guitar performances from the artist who is on tour all summer and through the fall. 


Gabriel Ryder Releases DarkSummer EP

Gabriel Ryder usually produces music for others like UK rap legend Lowkey, and other artists in his part of the world including Mai Khalil and Awate. He has branched out of that role for the moment to release his DarkSummer EP. The six-song mostly instrumental playlist blends R&B, deep house and electronic sounds into cozy music for the warmest days of the year. The London producer shared his inspiration for the EP in a press release: 

“This EP was cathartic for me, in that I spilled my emotions, feelings and thoughts into the music. I was inspired by the music of Flying Lotus, Ta-ku, and others to create a project that could encapsulate my mood at the time, which resulted in tracks such as “Glow//Drowning” and the title track “DarkSummer.” I was also inspired by the sounds of London, having grown up there, and wanting to blend these influences together, resulting in tracks such as “Ghost Around” and “Master Roshi.”

Stream DarkSummer below: