Johnny Burgos Takes Advantage Of The Night In Video For Picture Perfect

[youtube id=”N1XwUDsFTz8″]Brookyln crooner Johnny Burgos uses night time as the backdrop to his “Picture Perfect” video. He dances in the street and scenes of a parking structure, school bus and bodega fly by as he moves. Burgos explained the idea behind “Picture Perfect”: 

“Picture perfect is about me coming to the realization that ‘real love’ is flawed, and despite what pop culture and society tells us, it’s supposed to be. It’s about acknowledging how dope it is to be 100% down for someone, through the depths of life’s lows and most complicated times, simply because what you feel for that person, makes them worth the sacrifices. To me, that feeling is love.

Burgos’ debut EP, Through It All will come out via Roc Nation this summer.