Daily Archives: July 13, 2018

anderson.paak: Bubblin’ Remix Feat. Busta Rhymes

Anderson.Paak’s “Bubblin'” gets a remix with a Busta Rhymes feature. It was announced earlier this week that Dr. Dre is currently mixing paak’s sophomore album. Busta Rhymes’ lightning-quick verse of a million syllables has fans impatiently waiting for his next solo project. Paak’s sophomore album is titled Oxnard Ventura and it follows his 2016 Malibu debut. 


Lenny Kravitz Releases New Video For Low

Lenny Kravitz already released an earlier video for his song “Low” that featured old film of New York City during the ’70s. The new video for “Low” features him playing drums in the dark with a woman who is also behind her own drum kit. Kravitz explained to Rolling Stone how director Jean-Baptiste Mondino came up with the video: 

When [Mondino] heard ‘Low’ for the first time he focused on the beat and kept listening to it over and over. The result was a black room, black drum set, and black clothing. It was all about the groove and the space. It turned into an interesting way to present a song, that has so much production, and portray the conversation taking place in the song.”

Kravitz’s Raise Vibration album will come out September 7th. He is currently touring Europe and will start a North America tour in September. 


Listen: Tunde Olaniran’s New Single I’m Here

Tunde Olaniran surprises with his new single “I’m Here.” Olaniran’s soul, pop and dance sensibilities combine to make a scorching tune perfect for summer playlists and ready for all kinds of remixes. The Michigan artist released the sensitive Prince-inspired “Vulnerable” back in April.  “I’m Here” is a straightforward announcement to remind fans of his continued creativity with his usual affinity for a captivating song. 


The Coup: OYAHYTT Feat. Lakeith Stanfield From Sorry To Bother You

Boots Riley’s Sorry To Bother You opened nationwide this weekend and it is already receiving positive reactions after only one day in theaters. “OYAHYTT” featuring Lakeith Stanfield is from the soundtrack to the movie about one Black man’s adventures as a telemarketer in Oakland, California. The rock-rap song is part of a tracklisting that is not to be confused with The Coup’s Sorry To Bother You album from 2012. The soundtrack has appearances from Janelle Monae, Killer Mike and more. Boots Riley explained the release on Twitter: 


The Internet Drops Another Single From Hive Mind: La Di Da

The Internet is getting closer to the July 20th release of Hive Mind and “La Di Da” is another single from the album. “La Di Da” has some of Jamiroquai’s verve but settles into The Internet’s recognizable sound led by Syd’s voice. Steve Lacy recognizes his heartthrob status at the end of the song that is ideal for a road trip or a dancefloor.