Daily Archives: July 5, 2018

Chris Jasper Releases New Album Dance With You

Chris Jasper re-emerges with his 15th studio album of mostly love songs Dance With You. Jasper is known for being the primary writer for The Isley Brothers and Isley Jasper Isley in the ’70s and ’80s. His voice became legendary on the IJI classic “Caravan Of Love” which took him from behind the scenes of the Isleys and put his face before the public. He left both bands in the late ’80s and became a solo artist and started his Gold City Records. Dance With You preserves his soulful expressiveness in 10 songs inspired by his wife of 35 years Margie. When he isn’t singing about love, he puts the focus on the hecticness of everyday survival with the fleet-footed funk of “Make Your Move.” Stream Dance With You below and follow Jasper at his official site


Oscar Jerome Drops New Single Do You Really

U.K. jazz guitarist and vocalist Oscar Jerome released his latest single “Do You Really” today. The artist, who released his Where Are Your Branches? EP earlier this year takes on societal norms on the new song. The lyrics call traditional masculinity into question which Jerome explains, 

“This tune is about struggling with unrealistic ideals of sex, gender roles and masculinity. The difference between intellectually knowing what is right and actually changing the way you feel deep down after being brainwashed from birth.”

Do You Really” addresses serious identity questions with a casual tone that contradicts the seriousness of the topic. 


Azealia Banks: Treasure Island Official Audio

Azealia Banks’ “Treasure Island” is the second official single from her upcoming Fantasea Island: II. Banks raps and sings on the song that crosses her relentless flow with a slow dancing sensibility. Dr. Luke produced “Treasure Island” which was first heard last year when a snippet posted online. Fantasea Island: II will be released this summer.