Daily Archives: July 4, 2018

James Biscuit Rouse Releases New Single In Between Times

James “Biscuit” Rouse is usually behind the scenes as a drummer for people like Lauryn Hill, Vernon Reid, Kindred The Family Soul and more. His penchant for singing and songwriting surfaced in 2014 when he released the singles “Hey Mr. Miller” and “Real Me.” The full scope of his abilities has struck again with his new song “In Between Times.” Rouse’s Stevie Wonder-influenced tone sings about the craziness of life with guitar work that unites soul and rock with a driving beat underneath. Nia Distribution released “In Between Times” which is available at all the usual online retailers


Snowfall Returns To FX For Season 2

Snowfall will return to FX for a second season on July 19th. Damson Idris’ central character Franklin Saint continues his climb as a successful crack dealer among the challenges of Los Angeles street life in 1984. Saint’s fearlessness is necessary in his trade that is linked back to the Iran-Contra scandal. John Singleton serves as one of the creators and producers of the show feels like a time machine in its accurate recap of the crack cocaine crisis in Los Angeles. 


The Suffers Release Video For Do Whatever Ahead Of New Album Everything Here

The Suffers keep it simple with a live performance that looks like a perfect rehearsal for their “Do Whatever” video. The self-described Gulf Coast Soul creators are getting ready to see the release of their Everything Here album on July 13th. Frontwoman Kam Franklin leads the band with her bubbling energy and luminous vocals. The Houston natives, who made their national debut on Letterman in 2015, will be touring this summer in support of Everything Here