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Luke Cage: Season 2 Trailer 2

The second trailer for season 2 of Luke Cage stars Alfre Woodard in her role as Mariah Dillard the Queen Of Harlem. Woodard’s character has to come face to face with the new villain Bushmaster in her battle to have control of Harlem. Dillard’s daughter Tilda appears and she is not happy with her mother’s work. Misty Knight returns with a robotic arm and Luke Cage has his biggest challenge yet fighting Bushmaster. The whole trailer happens with The Fugees’ “Ready Or Not” playing in the background. Season 2 of Luke Cage premieres June 22nd on Netflix. 


Meet: The Brothers Footman (Interview)

The Brothers Footman are literally four brothers, a cousin and a close friend newly formed in their mission of making genre-defying music. The brothers, Dikembe, Gerald, Micah and Joshua were raised in a close-knit household where their parents preferred gospel music. As they came of age, the discovery of other sonic worlds took over and their budding musicianship grew beyond their childhood influences. It was an unplanned bump in their daily routine that spurred the Indiana natives to casually share their music on the Internet. They were seen by indie label Victory Music Buzz within a year of posting and soon had a deal. 

Whether it’s the R&B and country sound of “Clear Country Sky” or the doo-wop and rock-influenced “A Lil Mo’ Time” the band’s collective voice paints a lasting memory after one listen because of their singular style. This summer they are touring and releasing new singles as they continue to hone their playing, writing and smooth harmonies. Dikembe, who sings and plays guitar, shares their story and some details about how The Brothers Footman dove into music and where they are headed next in their odyssey. 


I feel like people are missing out on so much music because we have categorized it so crazy”

How did you and your brothers become artists?

It started when we were little kids both of my parents were involved in music in different groups singing and stuff in church. The whole family plays so we pretty much started then but we never tried to be a band together until about I’d say about six months ago.

Do you play an instrument as well?

I do, I play the guitar and Gerald plays the piano Josh plays the drums but he’s also a front man and then Micah plays the bass and then we got Zack Craft on the guitar and Don Reynolds on the drums.